How to zoom in and out of a Snapchat video with one hand

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hi guys welcome to another video today

I'll be showing you how to take how to

zoom in and zoom out of a snapchat video

using only one hand this is the new

update first snapchat came out yesterday

May 9th so what you need to do is go to

your snapchat application and then the

way you did it before was while holding

the record button use the other hand to

zoom in or zoom out and now the new

update you'll need one hand so we're

going to do is we're going to hold the

power but the record button and while

holding the screen we're going to slide

up to zoom in and slide down to zoom out

okay so as I'm holding it I'm going to

slide up slide down slide up slide down

and that also works on for the

front-facing camera as well as such zoom

out zoom in zoom out so that's how you

do it it's that easy as you saw only use

one hand like I said it's the new update

from snapchat they just updated a it

updated it yesterday it works for both

iOS and Android but you need to update

your application in order to get this

new feature if you'd like more videos

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I also got some other videos related to

snapchat and I will see you later