How To Zoom Out Slither.io

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in this video I'm going to show a cool

mod that allows you to zoom out in the

games live area this is a huge advantage

because whenever your snake is smaller

the camera is super zoomed in so you

can't really see what's going on around

you and then on the other hand whatever

your snake is bigger your turning radius

is in quite a sharp so it makes it a lot

easier for little snakes to get in front

of you and ambush you so having this mod

is a huge advantage and the extra

control it gives you makes the game

funner to play to install this mod

you're going to want to be using the

Google Chrome browser and all you have

to do is click up here in the top right

corner and this little menu and then

click on settings click on extensions

scroll down to the bottom and click on

get more extensions and the search field

here just type in slizzer and hit enter

there's several mods to choose from here

and the results the one that I would

recommend is the first one with 3,700

reviews to install it just click on add

to Chrome chrome will give you this

notification that says that this mod is

going to be able to read and change data

on Sylvio which is okay that's what we

want so just click on add extension then

you'll be redirected to the development

page for the mod I'm just going to go

ahead and close out of this and close

out of the chrome store and the

extensions we're going to have to

relaunch the game to get it to work with

the mod so I'm going to click over here

on this new little icon that it adds and

click on play Silverio and go ahead and

close the old tab out there's no reason

to have it open and there we go

so this is what the interface will look

like with the mod installed just click

on play so now that I have the mod

installed I can use the scroll wheel on

my mouse to zoom out and pull some noobs

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