Zooming In and Out - Adobe Premiere Pro (TUTORIAL)

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hello guys cray frosty and welcome back

to another juicy tups tutorial today I'm

going to be showing you how to zoom in

gradually or zoom out gradually on the

clip inside Adobe Premiere Pro now I

have done videos before showing you how

to zoom and scale resize footage inside

Premiere Pro but I didn't show you how

to animate it and it's really simple and

you're going to use it quite a lot once

you know how to use it so here's a clip

on my timeline it's just this gentle jib

shot of a guy standing on the side of a

building okay but what if I want this to

zoom in slightly is he standing there

what I do is I click on the clip come to

effects controls now scale is where

we're looking I'll click a keyframe at

the start and the keyframe where I want

the zoom to end and I click there and

then here I can change how much I want

to zoom in so maybe I want to zoom in

like that much now when I play it back

it's gradually going to zoom in like

that see how cool is that and you can

reverse it as well obviously you can

start zoomed in zoom out you can even

move this to the middle put another one

at the back there and zoom out to like

140 or something so it comes in zooms in

and then zooms back out again but that's

how to zoom inside a Premiere Pro and

animate it I hope you found this useful

if you did leave a like and consider

subscribing if you want to see more and

I'll see you again next time bye