Zooming in Premiere Pro CS5

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hi this is cat white and in this video

users of premiere pro cs5 will learn how

to zoom in on a clip in the sequence as

you can see I have my project open and I

have a number of pictures on my timeline

and so what I'm going to do is select

the last picture which is of my dog

Simon and we're going to use this one as

our example in order to bring it up in

the source meter which is up in the top

center of the page I'm going to double

click on that and that brings up a

rather blurry pixelated version of Simon

and then what I'm going to do is choose

effect controls when I choose effect

controls tab I'm going to need to change

motion and that's how you zoom in so I'm

going to expand motion by using the

little triangle to the left and that's

going to reveal both position and scale

I'm going to need to change both of

those one of the first things you have

to decide when you are zooming in on a

picture is you need to decide when you

want it to start zooming and how long

you would like that zoom to take place

Simon is on the screen for about 10

seconds and so what I would like here's

the end of the transition and I would

like him to be on the screen for about 2

seconds before the transition starts so

I'm going to move the blue handle over

about 2 seconds right about there and

then what I'm going to do is I'm going

to set my first two keyframes position

I'm going to set the position keyframe

and I'm going to set the scale keyframe

as you can see I now have two diamonds

on the timeline and that shows me that

that's where the keyframes are that's

where the change is going to start

taking place now I would like a

relatively slow zoom about two seconds

because this is on the screen for about

ten so I'm going to move the cursor over

for about another two seconds right

there and I'm going to set two more

keyframes position

and scale now I can always adjust these

later and I'll show you that in just a

minute so now what I would like to do

first is I would like to adjust the

scale it's important to do scale first

because then you can adjust the position

based on how the picture looks once

you've zoomed in I would like Simon's

face to be the focus basically a little

triangle between his eyes and nose and

so what I'm going to do is I'm going to

zoom in until I have dog face about like

that now at this point most of his dog

face is off the screen so what I new

need to do is move him on to the screen

so I'm going to come over to the preview

and I'm going to click on that which is

going to bring up this little bullseye

what I want is the center of Simon's

face on that bullseye I don't move the

bullseye de Simon I move Simon to the

bullseye so I'm going to go over and

click on Simon's face and I'm going to

move the center of his face right about

there to the bull's eye and what that

will do is it'll zoom in and reposition

him at the same time now I need to test

this out so what I'm going to do is come

down grab the blue handle on my timeline

and I'm going to hit the play button and

their assignment and we zoom in and it's

a nice smooth zoom in with his nose

that's good that's pretty good now that

was a little faster than what I would

like so what I'm going to do is I'm

going to reposition the two keyframes

and slow down the zoom so I'm moving

that blue handle to kind of give myself

a target and I'm going to go up and grab

the keyframe first for position and move

that over and then I'm going to grab the

keyframe for scale move that over and

now I'm going to move that handle back

before the change starts I'm going to

click play again to preview much slower

zoom this time and again it stops right

where I want it and that's all there is

to zoom in on an image in Premiere Pro