Ableton Live Quick Tips: Quick Zooming in Live 10

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hi this melon from sonic bloom with the

new episode of the a bird life quick

tips today we're going to have a look at

the different ways of how you can

quickly zoom in and out in Ableton Live

10 and the first option is to use zet to

zoom in to the selection or Shift + set

to zoom back out so for example I can

just simply select this little bits

press set and we've zoomed in and if I

press shift and that we're zooming all

the way out to show the whole

arrangement another one is to simply use

plus and minus so I can just get rid of

the selection and just press plus and

minus to zoom back out and as you can

see it zooms in on the selected spot or

would also zoom in to the selected clip

this works in the arrangement view and

it also works in the detail view so I'm

going to simply delectorskaya and press

+ and it shows that we can zoom in and

all the way back out as well

right so the third option that's fall by

the way is holding ctrl on Windows or

command on Mac and then simply scrolling

and it will go by the Mouse pointers

position so this is a really quick way

of zooming something I would have liked

to have years and years and years ago so

this one works in the arrangement view

it also works in the detail view and in

simpler or sampler it always goes by

them pointer position of the mouse right

so last but not least we have another

one that works only in the detail view

and this one's actually really nice I'm

going to double click on a clip here so

we can see the detail view and then I'm

gonna enlarge this and just make a

little selection and you can see as soon

as I select a bit it actually shows me a

zoomed in version of just a selection of

in the clip alright so I hope you found

this helpful and I'll see you next time