Three Ways To Zoom In Ableton Live

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all right today we're gonna talk through

three different ways that you can zoom

in using Ableton Live this is

particularly useful when you're editing

clips or editing audio and you need to

see a small snippet of information all

right so I'm gonna do a little recording

so we have something to zoom in and out

on alright so first things first if you

double clip on your clip

I will open up clip view which is where

you can see all of your notes and there

is an overview of the entire clip on the

bottom right hand side and so the first

way that we can actually zoom in and out

is by clicking and dragging down here

and you'll notice that these brackets

are changing and that's allowing you to

scroll back and forth so you can see

different sections also if there's

something you know you want to see you

can click and it will jump to that area

so that's nice as a useful sort of

overview if you prefer to work in this

zone here you can also select a section

and you can hit the note Z the note the

keyboard keys Z and that's gonna zoom in

to show you what you selected and if you

want to go back out you can hit shift Z

that'll bring you back to where you were

before and the third way that you can

zoom in is using your mouse you can

click up here you'll see my mouse sort

of changes from a pointer to this

magnifying glass and that will allow you

to zoom in and zoom out there's one more

way that I like to use a lot which is

making use of this fold button over here

so right now there's a lot of space you

can see there are notes being displayed

that I didn't play but if I hit the fold

button all of that changes and now all

that you're displaying on the left are

notes that I played so you know it's a

little bit easier to find what you're

looking for you can see the bottom

stride part is very clear

and the top part is also very clear and

there's no space in the middle it jumps

right here from let's see well I guess

there's kind of not too much space

between the hands anyway but c1 d1

there's no C sharp or missing e F F

sharp is gone here's a G then we jumped

to E so it sort of gets rid of all of

the space makes it a little bit easier

and remember at any time if you are

zoomed in and you want to jump to

another section you can click down here

making use of that overview feature and

ableton alright

that is a quick tip three different ways

you can zoom in and out in Ableton Live

and one way that I forgot to mention

when I did this original recording is

that you can use the plus and minus keys

it's the easiest way if used the plus

button you will zoom him and if you use

the minus button you will zoom out thank

you guys so much for watching if you're

new to Ableton and especially if you're

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