Five GoPro Hero 5 Tips and Tricks

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g'day folks today I'm gonna show you

some tips and tricks for the GoPro Hero

5 I've already made some videos

showcasing some of these but I decided

to put them all in one video so you

don't have to watch five videos to

figure out how to do a mow so let's get

right into it

tip number one removing the protective

lens cover now a couple reasons why you

might need to do this is if it shatters

or scratches you know these things are

rough and tumble cameras and chances are

at some point you could get a scratch in

it the other reason is that the GoPro

Hero dive suit for the Hero 5 requires

that you have to take this off it won't

fit in until you take off this front

lens and you never know third-party

accessories down the road different

filters might require you to take them

off as well it is a little tricky to get

off a little bit of patience is required

and a little bit of force but you're not

gonna wreck it it's actually designed to

come off so what you're gonna want to do

is pull you want to pull it away from

the body a little bit and then just get

a good grip on it so as you can see as

you pull pull away from the body you get

a little bit of a gap in there and

that's important you need that space

otherwise it won't twist off and then

you just turn in there just like that

and then once that's off you just pop it

off now when you're at this stage just

be careful not to touch the lens you

don't want to get fingerprints and stuff

on it so yeah so now it can be mounted

in your super suit dive housing or you

can replace this lens cap and the use

can be ordered great from the GoPro

website now to put it back on we're just

gonna line up the grooves and then

put some pressure again slowly turn it

you'll hear click and now it's back on

and you're ready to go back underwater

definitely do not put this underwater

when this is off I don't know if there's

any waterproofing protection behind that

but definitely when that's off don't

attempt to put it in water tip number

two so for this tip I'm gonna show you

how to remove the side door and why we

would want to all you do is gonna open

it like normal and just kind of pull and

Bend at the same time and you see it

just comes right off

now this little door if you do happen to

lose it or break it can be purchased

from the GoPro website now the reason

why we would want to take that door off

is I'll show you here is when you mount

your GoPro Hero 5 in the frame but it

comes with removing the door leaves

access to the ports for charging if

you're going to be doing this one extend

that shooting per se you can plug in a

charging device and that'll keep your

GoPro charge while you're doing some

extended shooting the other reason why

you would want to take that off is if

you're going to add a third party mic or

an external mic you need access to the

USBC port so now you can have it mounted

and have full access to ports one other

little thing I want to show you quick

before we move on to the next kit is

some people have a hard time getting the

door back on and I'll show you why this

little piece here slides back and forth

and you see that see there it's all the

way out there it's all the way and if

for some reason it's all the way in like

that if you try to put that on you just

you can't write so what you got to do is

make sure that this little inside piece

is slid all the way out then you can

just clip it in just like that fold it

down and now it's back in definitely

again do not attempt to put this

underwater when that doors off because

you will destroy your camera so that's

very important so let's move on to the

next step so for the next tip I'm going

to show you how you can access your

settings and change settings via this

front LCD on the older GoPros you could

change all your settings could you have

the mode button on the front you could

cycle through go from 4k to 1080 what

having to look at the back now with this

one it's by default you can't access any

of those settings and sometimes you need

to like if you've got your camera

mounted against the wall you know you

just can't access the touchscreen so in

order to access those settings you hold

down your mode button here at the side

and right away touch the record button

up top and there you go you see how it

now allows you to you can cycle through

allows you to change all your settings

do what you need to do now it is

important you must update your firmware

when these were first release the

version of software that came on the

camera didn't like to do that that was

something they added afterwards so if

you want to be able to access that

feature make sure you plug your camera

in and update to the latest firmware the

next tip is actually a very simple one

and most people may be aware of it there

are a few that aren't so I'm just going

to show you quickly and that is locking

the screen on the older girl pros the

screen would lock automatically and

hero five they don't and even doing this

video you know you're moving things

around I've already changed a bunch of

settings accidentally and touch stuff I

shouldn't be so to lock your screen if

you're gonna be moving around and doing

stuff you don't want to accidentally do

something swipe down from the top and

this little lock icon here just click on

it and now the screen is locked so if

you touch it you know accidentally it's

not gonna do anything so to unlock it

just touch the screen a little mess what

you'll say swipe down and now we tap it

and it's unlocked so that's a handy

feature and I'm really glad that GoPro

included that so that is that and on to

our next tip now for our next tip I'm

just going to show you a few battery

saving tips because the battery on the

GoPro Hero 5 is not the greatest it's

not bad but it's not great and if you're

gonna be oh and you want to maximize

every drop of your battery a few things

you can do first if you go to


you go down to GPS turn GPS off that

will save you a little bit of battery

and all that does is it invents the GPS

coordinates into your photos and that if

you don't need that then turn that off

you know it's not gonna save a lot but

every little bit helps right so if we go

back to the main preference menu so for

the next battery saving tip we're going

to swipe down again from the top and

turn voice off what just a lot of people

already know but apparently when the

cameras off and I don't know why so I've

read and a lot of people have been

discussing it is when the cameras off

when you have voice enabled it's still

slowly drains your battery so even

though we can't make voice commands when

the cameras powered off but that's just

one way to save a little bit of battery

and if you don't need it while you're

recording it'll save battery as well

because it's not gonna be constantly

listening for commands the next one if

we go to connect swipe all the way down

and where it says wireless connections

you can turn that off let's click on it

thanks for watching and don't forget to

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see in the next one