GTA 5 | SNIPER TUTORIAL | How To Zoom, Roll, and Shoot!!

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hey guys kid battle here and today I'm

showing you how to use a sniper rifle

how to aim in how to roll around how to

buy everything so we're going to do

first is go on the radar look for this

is a gun icon on the radar and just go

to it that is the ammunition shop you

want to come in here guns and ammo you

can buy armor in here you can buy some

clothes but it's like mostly hunting

hunting clothes if you want to come in

here you can get the regular sniper

rifle or the heavy sniper

I recommend this the heavy but the heavy

you unlock at level I think 90 and the

regular you unlock it really early so if

you're not level 90 I just get the

regular sniper but the heavy if you can

unlock if you have it unlocked I

recommend getting that it's way stronger

usually one-shot kill so once you have

it you want just come out here they're

pretty expensive so you're gonna have to

make some money do some ice or something

to get it this is only on next gen so

you want to pull out the sniper on the

bottom right of your gun wheel you want

to aim in with l2 this is on PlayStation

l2 to zoom in I just found I didn't know

how to zoom in but now I just find out

you just on the d-pad on early generator

on previous generation consoles it used

to be just um the left analog you'd aim

in you just push up but now you're

walking you just start walking like that

so that doesn't work now what you have

to do is just push up on the d-pad hold

up on the d-pad you zoom in and hold

down user mode this is good for hunting

or if you're just online with your

friends and having a war or something

amen email it's pretty simple and how to

if you're in a war again just go like


zoom in and roll you can roll any

direction you can roll side any side you

can roll backwards can roll forward if

you want like it would be useful if

you're like if you're right here

someone's shooting you and you'd be like

roll around the corner you know really

useful for gunfights but that's pretty

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