GoPro Hero 6 - Touch to zoom - Tutorial and Tips

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hello everyone this weekend I made the

trip to the mountains and tried a new

tune feature of the GoPro Hero six my

goal was to find out how the zoom works

and after new feature is useful at all

note this is not an optical zoom but a

digital zoom the medium and narrow

recording modes have also been removed

from the new GoPro what I have learned I

will show you in this video have fun the

zoom can be activated with a double tap

you can then use the slider to adjust

the zoom level now you can start the

recording zoom is not available during

recording the zoom level remains until

you change the capture mode

I'll turn the camera off while the zoom

can be used in linear it is not

available for super you it is also not

available in 4k in 2.7 K and 120 fps and

1080 P and 240 FPS however the zoom can

be used in further mode I wanted to find

out whether the same result could be

achieved with a cropping post as I said

it is a digital zoom however the camera

uses different compression methods which

may result in the doomed image beam of

better quality than a crop I have

therefore applied 200% crop on a normal

2.7 K shot which corresponds to the

maximum zoom level and compared to image

with a dual image in both cases the

image quality is rather poor but there

is hardly any difference if record the

video in 4k and crop it you get a much

better quality

my conclusion is that zooming is only

useful if you don't want to do any

post-processing at all otherwise it

would be better to film in 4k and

cropping later it's a shame that the

zoom in 4k is not available I hope the

video was informative for you have a

nice day and see you soon