HERO4 Setup: Change Video Settings

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in this video we're going to be changing

the resolution we shoot video at as well

as other video settings on our gopro

hero4 camera to do this the first step

is to turn the camera on you can do that

by pressing the power mode button once

now don't worry it does take some time

for the camera to boot up sometimes so

if you press that button once you may

just have to wait until the camera turns

on then once you're inside this once the

cameras turned on you can use the

settings slash tag button on the side

here this was replaced the old Wi-Fi

button to enter the quick setup menu so

pressing that once will bring up this

options menu for video the first option

is highlighted and now you can use the

shut the power mode button to scroll

through the menu or you can use the

shutter button to change the selected

option so you can see here the first

selected option is video using the

shutter button we'll be able to scroll

through the different options of

capturing video so the first one of

course is video then there's video plus

photo so this mode would shoot video and

it will take a still second still shot

every 5 seconds you can change the

duration between which it takes photos

on the next level or once you scroll

down this menu and then the final one is

looping videos this would loop record

every 5 minutes until you decide to stop

recording and save that final video clip

then you can will if you come back to

video here we can use the mode button to

scroll down the menu this works in all

of these different settings and then you

get to change resolution so the next

option here is resolution using the

shutter button you can scroll through

the different resolution options and as

you see some of these settings have an S

beside them this is 720 s that means

super view so super view is where the

camera dynamically scales a 4 by 3 image

and it dynamically stretches it to fill

a 16 by 9 aspect ratio it does that by

stretching the edges more than the

center so it's it allows you to create a

more immersive shot using that super

view than you would otherwise be able to

capture then pushing the mode button

again to scroll down we have frames per

second we can use the shutter button

again here to change the capture

settings so on to 720 to view we have

options of 60 or 120 frames per second

using the mode button again to scroll

down we get field of view now depending

on which capture settings you're using

the field of view it can be anywhere

from wide to medium to narrow finally

there's low light mode so this can be

low light on or off this is on it will

dynamically scale the frame right two

feet fit the lighting situations with

Zeron next down there is center-weighted

metering this will wait or when it's

doing metering that's the amount of

exposure the shot has it will wait the

whatever is in the center of the image

over what's on the outside whereas if

you leave it off it will be a matrix

metering which means it tries to balance

out everything in the shot to get a good

exposure that way and then finally

there's protune and you can turn that on

and off and then you come down to exit

the menu and you can either use the

shutter button to select exit or at any

point in the menu you can just push the

setting slash tag button to jump back to

video with your new settings saved thank

you guys for watching this with other

GoPro tips and tricks video if you guys

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