How To Get Street View On Google Maps

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how are compliant attack in this video

I'll show you how to get Street View on

Google Maps so let's begin first open up

you Google Maps app once you are they

open search at any place that you would

like to see the street view of it so I

limp say something like target target

and then this will come up do you see on

the bottom and above this picture do you

see that a little picture at the

underneath faces Casey's general store

if you come at a picture carefully you

see that there's like a little circle a

little white circle and arrow pointing

showing like a sense of like direction

so let me actually I'll tap on there

I'll just like screw this I'll move my

things so uses target in the middle

toilet after to the red versus target

and the bottom just slide your finger

slide this up like that and then keep

sliding down look at this picture give

assist people to please spend 20 minutes

here look at this picture you see the

picture to the left

do you see how he has like a little

sweat circle in open where circle and

arrow pointing that's a symbol for the

street view so if you tap this and then

again you see left a little while

likewise where a circle what opens up

with an arrow if you slide your finger

over a picture like that just ladee

right Oh actually I see that better I

build things tap it and then you can

just slide your finger to the right or

to the left you can see the street view

of any like it's available some places

in it's not available on it and other

places as you can see right now follow

that blue line that's like indicating

where what's available street view if

you just move this around just play with

them move around you give you like the

street view alright just like

spirit then you get used to it it's

pretty easy but if you have another

questions or comments please leave them

in the comment section below

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you for watching