iOS 12.1 Fixes a "Big Problem"..

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what's up guys my name is Brennan and

with the release of every new iPhone

every single year there's always people

looking for something wrong with the new

iPhones they're gonna come up with any

and everything and this year was no

different and just one of the few gates

this year was Beauty gate and it was all

about the basically beauty filter on the

front facing camera so for instance if

you went to the front facing camera and

went to the portrait mode you and if you

took a picture you would basically get a

smoothing effect on your skin it

wouldn't look as natural as it did


and if we take a look at the picture

that I just took while recording this

video you can see that there's kind of a

smoothing effect on the skin my skin

seems to look a little bit more smooth

than it actually is on the picture here

and after using the iPhone 10s max as my

daily driver and taking many selfies I

will admit that there does seem to be

some touching up going on but it's

nothing major at all and I don't feel

like anybody would have noticed this if

it didn't get blown up by the media and

now since this was a big deal to some

Apple has addressed this issue in iOS

12.1 which should be out to the public

very soon so in this video I want to do

a comparison here between the iPhone

10's Macs and the iPhone 10s which both

have the same front-facing camera but

the iPhone 10's max is on twelve point

0.1 and the iPhone 10s here is on iOS

twelve point one beta five with the fix

intact and I'm gonna run that comparison

between the two right after I tell you

what was actually causing the issue in

the first place so basically Apple

confirmed to the verge that this issue

was addressed in iOS 12.1 and apparently

the issue had to do with smart HDR and a

bug and smart HDR which of course is a

software based feature so smart HDR was

choosing the wrong base frame for HDR

processing when you took a selfie and

instead of actually choosing a frame

with a short shutter speed it chose a

frame with a long shutter speed as the

base frame and also the front-facing

camera does not have optical image

stabilization so it took blurrier shots

at the same shutter speed as the

rear-facing camera which of course does

have OIS and the result of this is a

loss of detail and it does also look

like smoothing has been done on the

front-facing camera especially on skin

but now in iOS 12.1 Smart HDR is going

to pick the sharpest base frame when

taking selfies which will of course

result and sharper images and less of a

beauty filter so like I said I wanted to

run a comparison between iOS

12 point 1 and 12 point 0.1 right here

on the iPhone 10s and 10's max of course

with the exact same front-facing camera

we're gonna be taking them from the

exact same angle so let's go ahead and

open up the camera here on both let's go

to portrait front-facing and let's just

take a picture real quick right here you

guys saw at the exact same lighting if

we take a look here you can already see

a difference between the 10s Max and the

10s of course the only difference here

is the software so excuse the mic at the

top but if we go ahead and zoom in on my

face here not the most attractive

looking face there but you can actually

see a blur on the iPhone 10s max here on

12-point 0.1 which goes hand-in-hand

with the report from the verge the Apple

claimed was causing the problem that

would take blurry images and use that as

the base frame and you can also see more

of a beauty like filter right there it

looks like my skin is a lot smoother

than it is but over here on the iPhone

10 s you can see that there's more of

you can actually see like pores on my

skin Omo so you can kind of see bumps

and set up just blur it's just like my

skin is super smooth so let's go out of

here and let's take one at not in

portrait mode let's just take a normal

selfie here so we're going to do the

same exact thing you got a smile for

this one looks just like such a forced

smile but let's go ahead and take a look

at this image here and you can see here

it's the exact same thing so we have a

smoothing effect here on 12-point 0.1

and you can see more of like my pores

and a lot more detail a lot more

sharpness here in 12.1 beta and again

this is definitely a noticeable

difference so this is actually really

interesting that this was in fact a

software based feature was smart HDR was

a culprit for this so it looks like it

has been fixed here in 12.1 I can

confirm that here this is the very first

s is the first time I've run this test

also so very interesting results here

and I will also have some other pictures

on the screen as well some comparisons

you're seeing them right now comparing

twelve point 0.12 twelve point one and

again the underlying issue was smart HDR

basically I chose the wrong base frame

but now it will choose the correct base

frame a higher-quality

less blurry image as the base frame for

smart HDR and if you don't know how the

whole smart HDR feature works and we'll

have a link down below where it does get

explained but anyways I just wanted to

give you guys a quick video letting you

know that BB gate has officially been

or addressed again it was never a big

deal in the first place at least not to

me but it is cool to see Apple

addressing this so quickly so yeah let

me know what you guys think about this

in the comment section below I'm really

interested to see your thoughts on this

feature being addressed in 12.1 but

anyways guys thanks again for watching

and I'll see you soon