How to Use the Pip-Boy in Fallout 4 + Hidden Tips & Tricks

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hey guys welcome to another episode of

the school zone well it's not really

going to be a full episode actually it's

a bit of a tips and tricks video for

fallout 4 I was inspired to make a video

about the Pip Boy because of someone who

wrote into me through the skooled zone

website I talked about taking game

suggestions in last week's homeroom

announcements and someone took note of

that and use the form on the contact

page to do just that he asked if I could

do a video kind of introducing the Pip

Boy and all its features to see if he

could sort of digest the whole Pip Boy

concept before he bought the game so I

decided to put this video out first to

help him out and anyone else that might

stumble in this video wondering what

else you can do with the Pip Boy

not sure if I should shout him out he

didn't say in the submission whether I

should or not maybe I won't do that on

most occasions unless someone

specifically says I can use their name

or their user handle but thanks to the

person who submitted this idea because I

think it'll make a great little video

now many veteran fallout gamers are

quite familiar with the functions of the

Pip Boy but us YouTube gamers have to

remember that not everyone playing

fallout 4 is a veteran player like us

there are many beginners out there and

some whose experience with fallout 4

will be their first introduction to the

franchise so this is mostly aimed at

them however there are some tips and

tricks in this video that I'm sure even

the most seasoned veterans might not

have realized even one little tip that

they didn't know might make their

adventures in the wasteland that much

more enjoyable so let's get started now

I use an Xbox one but I'll translate the

button into the ps4 as we go along if

you happen to be using that console I

don't know the controls for the PC but

if anyone wants to help others out in

the comments section below

by all means actually before we get

started I thought it would be kind of

neat to give you a little backstory on

the pip-boy in game that is most of the

factoids I feature on the skooled zone

are real world facts and trivia but

sometimes it's cool to school some

in-game facts too so the following is

all within the Canon of the game so the

PIP in pip-boy stands for personal

information processor it was invented by

robco industries which was a pre-war

mega corporation

for building computers and robots it was

named after its founder Robert house

thus Rob who was one of the main

characters actually in Fallout New Vegas

anyway the pip-boy is like the 1950s

version of an Apple watch it's basically

a gauntlet that you wear on your wrist

that's like your personal computer so

most video games just default to an out

of character menu screen but in Fallout

series you get to sort of stay in

character as you look over all your

stats and inventory pretty cool actually

oh and the boy part of Pip Boy refers to

the mascot of the vaulteq corporation

known as the vault boy through a joint

venture with Rob Co the vault boy is

used to represent activities in many of

the pip-boy features as well as provide

a sort of branding experience but don't

get them confused the pit boys your risk

computer and the vault boy is just an

iconic mascot showing you what's up all

right so to bring up your pip-boy you

press the B button on an Xbox one or the

circle on a ps4 and before we get into

it here's something that you and some

veterans might not have known you can

actually zoom in on the pip-boy by

pressing the pause button the

upper-left-hand button doesn't zoom very

far if anyone knows how to zoom in a

little farther leave a comment down in

the comment section but this is as far

as I can I can see it zooms in but

that'll be helpful also if you're

curious if you press the button hold it

you can actually swing your arm out of

the way and maybe see some things that

are up ahead you know if you want to

check out the environment or just get

sort of a free-form view of the pip-boy

in all its glory

okay so let's head back in and I'm gonna

zoom in for this little video okay so

let me start off by explaining some of

the things that we see here and like I

said these will be tips for mostly

beginners but some little nuggets that

uh you know intermediate or experienced

players might not have known before okay

so we're starting off with our little

vault void mil there and you can see

these little bars around him those

indicate parts of his body where he's

either at full health or reduced health

we've got head shoulders you know left

side right side shoulders and torso you

know midsection legs and feet as you can

see I've taken a tiny amount of damage

in my feet area all the rest of my body

is still in perfect health and you can

tell that by

a little notch that's been nipped off

that bottom bar there and also from the

HP down in the bottom left-hand corner

you can see you've currently got a max

of 90 but I'm currently at 84 out of

that 90 so I can eat some food things

like that to restore it back up again

but you got to watch out for radiation

well I'll talk a little bit about that

when we get to that section okay

in the bottom center area we've got the

level currently level one shows my

progress towards level two pretty

self-explanatory there and down in the

bottom right corner we've got AP which

stands for action points action points

are what you use for powering up your

vats in combat and AP can also be

drained through running sprinting

swimming maybe steadying your scope

things like that and then the action

points can also be restored by some

consumables things like I think

nuka-cola does it and for those who've

never played before that stands for

vault-tec assisted targeting system

which you can use using the the left

button to slow down combat trigger

critical hits just basically makes the

game a lot more fun but those will use

up your action points and those are

boosted through various stats and perks

and things like that so okay in the

middle Center area above my name there

we've got a gun that says 18-under

little crosshairs that's uh what I'm

currently using for a weapon that's my

gun and 18 is the damage it does a

little thing that looks like a helmet

stands for the armor chart and I'm not

currently wearing armor but it'll also

show resistances and things like that

I'm wearing the ball Tech jumpsuit which

currently has a small amount of

electricity resistance and some

radiation resistance as you can see from

the lightning bolt and the biohazard

symbol okay so we're going to scoot over

to special special as you can see stands

for strength perception endurance

charisma intelligence agility and luck

pretty cool that they made a little

acronym using the first letter of all

your stats as the acronym letters

I actually went over all of these in

episode one so definitely go back and

check those out if you want to learn

more about what each of these do and why

I selected this particular array as you

can see here we're actually going to

come back to this special chart in a

minute when we get to the inventory

section and I'll show you some things

that can boost stats but in the

meantime let's head over to perks

currently only have one perk and that

was from a little comic book that I

picked up must have learned how to hit

people better by reading grognak the

barbarian but yeah when you start

picking up perks it will show up in this

section and while we're at it if you

press the Y button or the triangle I

believe on the ps4 that will bring up

the perk chart let's take a look at that

real quick

I'm going to do probably a whole video

on this once I start actually getting

some points to spend but I wanted you

guys to know that this was here and

that's how you access it so let's go

back and then head over to our inventory

section okay so starting right here

we've got a few different things to look

out now few new stat items as well first

of all we'll start at the very bottom of

the screen in the bottom left hand

corner thing that looks like a handbag

that's showing your weight or actually

it could be one of those old school

lifting anvils lifting dumbbell anvil

things I'm not sure with hitch on to

portray there but either way my max is

260 that might be in pounds I'm not sure

but I've currently used 81 out of that

260 so far now in case I didn't mention

it earlier I did do some sort of

exploring around the area in between

this episode in the next episode so in

the next episode we'll go back to where

I was in the vault and you'll get to see

me escape the vault and reach sanctuary

Hills okay so in the center bottom area

there you see we've got a C with the

number 22 beside it the C stands for

caps which is the currency in Fallout 4

so that's how you spend money to see I

think it's answer caps it could sent

piccola from nuka-cola but I'm pretty

sure it stands for caps so you can

always come to your inventory section

see how much money you've got to spend

there and then of course in the right

area down there we've got the current

weapon I'm looking at or actually the

current weapon I'm using it won't change

unless I equip it so let's go and do

that now let's take a look at these

weapons here so pistol fragmentation

grenade pipe pistol and security baton

glad I did this early on to keep things

kind of simple for you because as you

progress through the game you're going

to rack up quite a bit of things that

would make the whole experience a lot

more cluttered but anyway the number in

parentheses beside the pistol is how

many of those items that I have so I'm

currently packing three ten millimeter

pistols two fragmentation grenades and

etc etc so that's what that number is

the stats for the item you'll see are

actually in the chart on the right so

the 18 there is how much damage it does

and the number below that is how much of

that ammo I have the rate of fire range

accuracy weight etc so these will all

change and whenever you see pluses and

minuses like that that's where a change

has occurred so between what's equipped

and the fragmentation grenade for

example there's an increase in damage

and an increase in range decrease in

weight etc so that's that's kind of

helpful so I'll equip the pipe pistol

and you'll see my damage change down the

bottom right hand corner to 13 because

that's what this damage does but

sometimes this might be actually a more

useful item because it's got a much

better rate of fire you can see now

under rate of fire for the 10 millimeter

pistol there's now a minus but we'll go

ahead and go back to the 10 millimeter

pistol for now okay let's go over to

apparel currently wearing the new vault

jumpsuit that I picked up in vault 111

got two wedding rings I believe one was

mine and when I picked up from the wifey

and then I picked up a few other items

as I was exploring around some of the

houses in sanctuary Hills so the vault

suit currently gives me a little bit of

damage resistance against electricity

and radiation as I mentioned but some of

these other items can actually boost

your stats and that's another little tip

some people might not have realized we

take a look at this chef's hat for

example see where it says lck decided

there's a 1 that means if I put it on if

I equip it that means it's going to

boost my lock so let's take a look at

that under stats we'll go back to

special and you can see down here now

there's a plus sign beside luck that

means my luck has been boosted from 5 to


alright as goofy as it is to be wearing

that chef's hat I might keep it on

because you know luck you never know

alright same thing goes with this gray

suit that I've picked up this one

actually boosts my charisma by two so if

I equip that head over to the stats

you'll see it went from three to five

and same thing with these eyeglasses

perception one now my perception is

boosted as well so all the way you might

look like a goofy Clark Kent chef it

actually might be worth it for me to

walk around I don't have to look at them

in third-person I could just pretend

these are not wearing that stuff all


but that's that's useful those little

boosts here and I'm sure other items I

pick up along the way will provide

bigger boosts okay and then if we get

into any radiation zones with

electricity I can always react with that

as well alright let's head over to aid

these are all the food items that I

picked up and some drugs and things like

that most of these things say where it

says HP is the amount that it'll heal

you but also the amount of radiation

that will give you a little give me six

six rads but some of these items like

drugs you can take for example will give

you special notes like this one slows

time this one's going to give me some

damage resistance right away you can see

will erase some of the rads etc so and

since we're here now yeah yeah this

might be a good place to show you guys

that you can actually sort these items

let me head back to the weapons to show

you guys some sorting features okay

so interestingly enough the bottom the

screen you'll see where it says RS

inspect and then in the middle LS sort

yeah those are technically those should

be reversed alright because if we're

using our thumbs here that the right

button is the one that you want to click

to inspect what that does is it brings

up sort of a blow-up of the item that

you're looking at you can rotate it

twist it inspect it all that sort of


all right and then it gives you some

mods that I might have in the case of

weapons clothing won't have those and

then a little more scene kind of get you

know a better view of what you're

actually looking at click it again or

press the B to exit and the left stick

which is on the right side of the screen

at the bottom there is what you used to

sort so if I click that for example it's

now going to sort by the amount of

damage that the weapons do top being the

most bottom being the least rate of fire

so the pie pistol as I mentioned as a

better rate of fire than the pistol

range and I can see now the pistol can

shoot farther accuracy pistol has better

accuracy value in case I want to sell

anything I'll show you that when we get

into some of the other items and then

wait in case I want to drop anything and

then back to the default so now that we

know that let's head over to junk well

let me tell you about miscellaneous real

quick so these are sort of the special

items bobby pins can be used to pick

locks comic I picked up mention that

boosted a stat as well I'm not sure if I

sell these if it'll I'll lose it I'm

pretty sure they're permanent I'm just

going to hold on to them just in case

but now we can head over to junk

alright so most of these things you

might be thinking to yourself you're

going to pick up to try to sell but if

you look on the right side of the screen

you can actually see their component

items you'll see things like steel

plastic wood glass etc these things

actually might be worth keeping when you

start getting into mods and construction

different crafting elements in fallout 4

so before you go and sell all this stuff

might be worth stashing some of it it's

going to kind of be that balance in

between selling and crafting but this

might be a good place where you can sort

things so I'm gonna sort by value for

example we can see up here that

cigarette carton actually has a few

component items but it is also pretty

valuable and then some of these things

down the very bottom here have almost no

value you can sort by weight case you

need to drop anything really heavy for

example I think I got a desk fan that's

like pretty heavy there and we're back

to the default okay so I don't currently

have any mods this shows you how much em

you've got left so I'll have to conserve

if I get a shotgun get the most of the

10 millimeter rounds there and you can

sort these two for whatever reason you'd

want to do that I don't know why you can

sort by weight because they always zero

okay so let's move on we're going to

move on to the data section I don't

normally bother with stats but in case

you're one of those kind of people you

can always check out all this stuff

right here

this section right here will tell you

about your current quest so quests so

here's where it might be useful for you

you can press the left button to sort of

hide the summary if you just want to

kind of see what's going on there but

aha if you press the left button you can

actually go back and it will explain to

you what you need to be doing in this

particular case now the reason that this

is also useful is because if you press

the X or the square on a ps4 I believe

then it'll take you right to the map and

show you where that particular mission

is taking place so search the

neighborhood codsworth still got to do

that but you can see here this is where

we are this is sanctuary

this is vault 111 and another tip for

you you can actually fast travel from

the map section so if you click on say

or if you point over vault 111 you can

press the a button here X on a ps4 and

you can fast travel I could fast travel

right back to vault 111 I think it only

works if you're outdoors it could be

wrong might cause you some trouble if

you're underground or in a building so

just keep that in mind also if you use

the right stick you can zoom all the way

out still have to he's left to scroll

around I don't know why they didn't just

zoom all the way out for you but that's

as far as I believe you can zoom but it

does zoom in pretty far

we still have that sort of you know

monochrome display I'm actually going to

talk about that's one of the factoids in

the next episode okay moving on got the

radio tab here and while most of you

might blow this off unless you feel like

listening some classic ready let's see

we can hear anything

all right might put you to sleep there

let's see if we can tune in to Diamond

City radio haha okay so most the time

you might or might not have that on but

it's worth checking this radio tab every

once a while because it might pick up on

random frequencies as you're wandering

through the desert that if you tuned

into them might give you some clues so

this wouldn't be a tab that you'd want

to blow off permanently in the game

check back on it you know every once in

a while okay

so let's see if we've covered everything

okay I think that just about does it so

so let me show you one last thing that

you might or might not have known about

and that is you can actually turn on the

flashlight on your pip-boy see there you

go very cool now here's something else

you might not have known you can

actually change the color of the

flashlight by going into your settings

tab click on display and then down here

I've currently got my pip-boy set to the

same as my HUD here which is kind of a

nice teal color that's easy on the eyes

but if you wanted to you could change it

to whatever you want and you can even

keep the HUD color different than the

pip-boy color so like let's say for

example you wanted to make your pip-boy

into like a fluorescent pink alright so

you'd probably want to boost the red

reduce the green there you go

well you could really make it glow

fuchsia like that all right then we go

back to the main screen you'll see that

we now have a pink flashlight all right

pretty interesting to be honest probably

white would be the best color for

viewing things so we can change that all

the way to white there and that's going

to be good for exploring dark buildings

exploring underground things like that

although to be honest we might encounter

some areas where there's some glowing

green moss or some you know something is

the light is changed to violet or

something and in those rare cases I will

actually give you a factoid on which

particular color settings you can change

to sort of counter those frequencies in

the color spectrum and make it a little

easier to see for now I'm just going to

change it back to where I was awesome

and then you got to remember to turn off

your flashlight when it's not in use you

don't attract enemies oh yeah and

there's one last thing I wanted to show

you and if we head over to in the

workshop section currently don't have

any workshops but on the right side

there gives you some stats about the

community now I didn't know at first

what happiness was it says happiness 50

what what is that but here's a little

tip for you you can actually exit out of

your pip-boy

go back into your default menu and go

down to the Help section if you click on

the Help section all of these things are

defined here for you so I went down all

the way to where it says workshop

settlement happiness and I read about

what exactly that was right there to

answered it for me so you've got other

things like for example that's there you

go so very helpful information remember

to check that don't get lost in the

wasteland any more than you need to be

so I hope that helped you guys out you

learned a few things whether you're a

beginner or veteran since you spend so

much time with your pip-boy and fallout

4 might as well make it enjoyable

experience for you right

another quick shoutout the person who

submitted that question if any of you

guys want me to cover anything else

while I'm playing the game Clark Kent as

a chef that's hilarious

then make sure you head over to the

skooled zone website click on the

contact tab and submit some game

suggestions right there in the

submission form all right that's going

to do it for today's episode I don't

know how quick of an episode it was but

I'm actually not going to put up an

outro card like I normally do for my

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appreciate you guys tuning in thanks so

much for the support we'll see you next

time on the skooled zone stay smart