Excel - Zoom tricks

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hi guys in this video I'm gonna show you

very quickly how to use the zoom

function in Excel oftentimes we're

looking at a spreadsheet and everything

is really far away and or really small

or it's rather sometimes too big and we

want to see other things on the page for

example I may have something here like

mine like customers information that's

it right in here and I have to scroll

left and right left and right every time

I want to go between these two bits of

information on the spreadsheet

so one thing obviously you can do is use

these zoom in and zoom out the buttons

over here on the bottom right of the

spreadsheet okay so we could play with

those for a second and we can just

minimize zoom out and zoom in until we

get it to the point where it's

aesthetically pleasing to us so we can

see the information that is related to

the work we're doing but also sometimes

you might want an exact zoom on

something that you're working on and

leave out everything else so to do that

first of all highlight what you were

interested in working on let's say we

just want to see this table and I want

to focus on that team then come down

here again to the bottom right except

instead of clicking on the plus and

minus arrows click on the actual presume

percentage number and you'll get this

dialog box

here okay and here you can choose

between numerous preset zooms and you

could also choose a custom zoom and

where you could type in exactly the zoom

that you want say one hundred and thirty

one percent something exact that

arbitrary like that but what I wanted to

show you is this one right here fit

selection and fit selection is going to

zoom so it puts front and center exactly

what you highlighted and in our case

this was our selection over here we

highlighted that okay so let's go ahead

and hit OK and you see it brings this

table front and center so that we may

focus on it okay and then you can zoom

out by using the minus and zoom back in

using the plus and another trick on the

keyboard is if you have a mouse with a

wheel on it you can click anywhere on

the screen hold the control button down

and then roll the wheel towards you to

zoom out and away from you to zoom in

and this is a good tool to use when

you're on the Internet as well all the

browser's allow you to zoo make font

increase the font size and picture size

with this same method so what I'm doing

is I'm hitting the control button

holding it now plus the wheel on the

mouse okay so if we do these two things

together you'll be able to quickly zoom

in and out when you want to read

something and zoom back when you're done


and the common thing on the internet is

some sites having really small fonts and

small pictures and you want to be able

to see those bigger only for a moment so

you could use this control and with your

mouse wheel zoom in zoom out okay so I

hope this was helpful make sure to you

know zoom in to the point where your

eyes are comfortable using all the

functionality here and the fine-tuned

functionality by clicking on the actual

percentage if you want to fit to exactly

what you're working on or if you want to

type in a custom zoom like hundred fifty

okay so hope this video was helpful be

sure to check out my channel I got tons

of Excel access PowerPoint math

statistics and art tutorial videos

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you okay till next time have a great day