How to line up your projector Epson EX6220 Epson EX7220

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so we look at the epson e^x 6220 they're

set up all about the same and I'm gonna

do a little pausing because I'm going to

put clicking between video cameras this

will correct the top and as you watch

the top rotate in

it appears the bottom is coming closer

to you it's a flat wall it's not coming

closer to you it's just a matter of your

perception now up here we have the

Keystone it for tilting and when does

that come in effect let's see make sure

I can show this if I were to rotate this

on an angle as you can see on an angle

now if I was to watch it from this angle

if I had this device pointing from aside

from aside to let stable say then I

would just use this device now to square

it back up on the wall which is pretty

pretty darn nice now for the camera say

five for your audio sake I've actually

squared this up to try to line up with

the top of your monitor reality I see it

more Square right about about there but

as I look into the monitor using my

level in my camera it's about there so

it's going to be a little a little

different for me to do over my okay so

now I'm going to pull the top in because

why are at the bottom or or I can pull

the bottom in this case I'm going to

pull the topic that's too much and I'm

going to try to square up the bottom I'm

going to put it back to where me to put

it because it may look like it's on an

angle to you it's not in fact across the

camera for a minute I'm going to lever

that level that in the camera a little

bit to make it so it's not driving you

guys crazy

to uninterpreted and that's because I

just repositioned the angle of the other

device to do this video okay so now what

is Auto Keystone correction I'm going to

pick this device up and it's going to

refresh ape itself and then I'm sorry

about holding it by hand and then it's

going to auto correct I'm going to put

it back it's going to be deformed and

then it auto corrects okay so we have

what I what I complain about is an issue

of let me do a little boat here it's got

this bordering if you will this uh want

to change my lasso on my camera give me

a minute to dial us up for you guys

so you can see that shadow effect on the

all see that shadow there well that's

tough luck that's going to be there

talk to epson's tech text and how do you

get around that well you can ignore it

you can try to make your screen as big

as your you can use a screen since I'm

pointing on the wall I'm going to see it

or let me try to do this eyes so just

right so so we can keep monitoring it I

pick a wall in one room to do this video

for you okay let's see if I can change

my ISO to bring it out a little more

detailed for you you can see it on the

edge there now

so there's your your edge so to correct

that you would have to take this device

and level it with the ball so I'm going

to point this down on the wall so I can

level it once it auto to your Keystone

correct I'll work from there all right

so it's bottle steep Keystone correcting

I'm going to try to line up them and I'm

using my handheld so

as you can see as I do that it's still

got a small border and let's put this

back to zero

so you need to have the square with your

wall I'm almost there I've got the top

pretty much in line

and let it Auto Keystone correct and

that's just about it where I don't see a

border the little border on there now

come up what a piece down correct give

it a minute this bounced away out for so

it can all just Keystone correct alright

and I'm coming back to where I think it

is again so now the border is pretty

much gone is that possible to do that

enjoy it yeah if you don't mind us in

your way

it's always going to have that issue so

you need to create a screen and you've

seen screen white projector screens with

black borders well that's to help hide

that border that that's shadowing effect

or run it off to the sides they don't

tell you that but that's what that

border is that's what that borders for I

just try to level a little bit to give

an idea now this can also sneak Keystone

correct within 13 degrees but I can be

drastic I'm got it pointing way down the

floor now I'm just going to correct the

distortion force here and I'm square

there I'll bring my top in so it's a

really nice product as far as Keystone

correcting I've had the Brookstone

product and no way can you do this with

Brookstone no way can you get this much

correction Brookstone has an auto

Keystone correct but it's very limited

and it's corrections you've got to have

it pretty much square with the wall and

therefore it's right down the middle of

everything it's in a way especially if

you have and you can level this with the

legs on the bottom of this device

it's got legs here here little

adjustment legs for leveling on a table

if your table so happens to be at a

level because the floor is either level

where it got a three-legged table that

doesn't doesn't level that doesn't a

find good good good balance okay

on a final note I did contact Epson and

they do not sell any projectors they can

remove that border as I shown in this


you have to square up with the wall

period they do not have any projector no

matter what price range that if you got

a keystone correct will remove that

border halls