How to fix zoomed tv screen without remote

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hey guys today I'm gonna teach you how

to fix the problem with your TV if you

if like you have like images down here

on like a video game and they're like

cut off halfway or you can't even see

them I'm also gonna I'm gonna teach you

how to do it without a remote so again

first you gotta go behind your TV click

your menu button open up the menu then

then you click menu again on like

theater settings or whatever then you

click the channel button the check the

channel up button and go up to pictures

setting and then you find the volume

buttons and you click it and then you

can change it from broken to fixed oh

wait no this is theater wide that's big

that's bad I think I there is fixed

there you find the one that fills up

your screen properly and then you find

channel channel it down and you go to

done then you click menu


and then that's how you uh that's how

you change your picture settings on your

to change your picture size on your TV

without a remote see you guys later my

name is Drake on YT and have a good day

or night or afternoon wherever you are

good bye