Discord Zoom IN & OUT (2020) - Resize Discord 💬TEXT and Display Size

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all right welcome back welcome guys to

discord tips and tutorials again

and in this video we will be learning

how to zoom in

and how to zoom out your discard screen

how you can reset your discard screen

accidentally while playing games or

doing any kind of work on the computer

we use

many times the ctrl key and sometime

accidentally the screen goes bigger or

very smaller

and we have trouble reading it even many

people are there who have trouble

reading the small text

so what if you want the bigger size what

if you want the bigger text

so in this video i will be covering

everything how you can zoom in and how

you can zoom out

this is very easy you can use the

shortcut key

and even you can use the discord enable

feature all right so let's get

back to our discord screen all right

you can use the zoom level on your

discord app

on your discard on the browser

and for both of them you can use the


shortcut key all right so unfortunately

this option is not available for the

cell phone user for the

mobile user they can do the same but

they can do it through the

browser not through the applications all


so let me show you how exactly you face

the problem

what happens the screen goes

much smaller let me go with the smaller




many times you may have seen them wow

what happened to my screen why

everything is so small

in this case uh you do not need to worry

okay your

screen gone very small the text are very


and you are having problem reading it so

you can simply use the shortcut key that

is ctrl

plus plus key ctrl

and plus key all right so press and hold

this ctrl key

and then tap on plus key one times

two times three time as much as time you

will press the

plus key along with the ctrl key it will


bigger all right you can see that

now if your screen gone bigger

you don't know how it gone bigger how to

make it

smaller as i'd really don't feel

comfortable with this screen

so what if you want to make it smaller

you can reverse the action

you can press the ctrl key hold it and

tap on the minus key

as many time you press the minus key the

screen will go smaller smaller

and more smaller okay now you have

another option if you want to set the

discord screen to the default size the

original size

you simply need to press the ctrl key


0 key this will come to the regular size

the original size

uh what you discord and almost all the

web pages provide

you can do the same on the web so here

i'm using

google chrome all right so to just make

the screen bigger or smaller

you can again use the same shortcut key

i can do that the same shortcut key

and even you can use from this three dot

and you also get the option here

okay now what if you do not want the

entire screen to be bigger or smaller

what if you only want that your text

messages in the server

in the chat that should only go smaller

or bigger so discord

provides another option let me show you

you just need to go to the user settings

scroll down and find appearance click on


again scroll down here you will see


and you will see three option chat font

scaling which means this will if you

adjust the size

this setting will only make

your text messages bigger or smaller not

the entire screen

of your discard all right

by default it's set to 16 pixel

if you want to make the text smaller you

can set to 14

15 12 if you want the size

of the text messages to be look bigger

you can set to 18

20 or 24 depends on you what kind of


size you want now we have the

another option that is a space between


groups which means uh when you chat on

the server

you may have seen there is a gap between

every users

who send the messages on the discard so

there is a gap

if you want to reduce the cap you can

set to 4 pixel

or maybe 8 pixel or if you want the

default size you can set to 16 pixel but

if you want there should be enough gap

between every users who are sending the

messages you can set to 24 pixel

which would be easy for you to identify

to read to see that who exactly sending

the messages

you know this totally depends on you on

your eye

what suits your ride the best you can

try this

and see whatever size is perfect for you

you can do that

okay again we the last option that we

get is the zoom

level that we just learned before you

can also

set the size of your zoom level from

here by set

by default it sets 200 but if you want

to make it smaller you can do it

to 75 see the screen gone smaller

if you want to make it bigger you can

set to 150


125 and if you want to set to default

you can click on 100

once you make the changes simply press

this escape key

or on this cross button and you're all


all right hope this video helped you to

understand how to zoom in how to zoom


how to reset the discord zoom level and

how you can

increase or decrease the discord text


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and for the tips and tricks thank you so

much take care of yourselves

in the next video bye