Diablo 3 ROS Console Tips and settings...Also a little Rant.

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hello everyone and welcome my name is

EDA and today I have a different kind of

video for you today we're going to be

talking about little tips and tricks on

the console little little settings you

might not know about little things that

might help you in the long run as far as

getting your characters to you know

greater heights and just all-around

little stuff so the first thing we're

going to discuss is our settings and by

settings I mean NR in the actual options

of the console now there's a lot of

people ask you know how do you get to

see your numbers or how do you get these

things to do that and stuff like that

and it's really you know I know I was

really vague right there but I see

random comments asking me questions to

things that I thought everyone you know

I thought was common knowledge so we're

going to go over those today along with

some other things to start off we're

going to go into our options and we're

going to go into our game play elective

mode this should always be turned on if

you don't know what elective mode is it

allows you to instead of having skills

mapped out a certain way to you know

like a button has to be a primary attack

or the right trigger has to be a bobble

Bobble ball you can instead map any

skill you want any button which is very

very helpful because there's a lot of

skills that I don't want to use like I

use absolutely no skills in that area I

use no skills in that area I use no

skills and my primaries you know just

very it's very helpful it works now for

our next one we're going to be talking

about the being able to see like what

kind of damage your skills do now when

you get your game stock you can't

actually see what what these what these

do for you it just tells you what well

what it the attack does but not how much

damage it does for that you go into your

options you go to game play you go all

the way down here

show advanced tool tips you're going to

want to turn that on and now we can see

how much damage everything does this

should always be turned on because you

should always know exactly how much

damage your stuff is doing because if

you don't know what's it what's the

point you're just taking wild guesses

and stems in the dark and for that

reason also we're we're turning on

display damage and critters crit numbers

are already is already turned on when

the game's when the game comes to you

but displaying regular damage numbers

also lets you know how much you're not

creating for because in the loop before

you start getting really good items your

crit numbers are going to suck

it's just how it happens so being able

to look at your normal damage numbers

gives you kind of an idea of where

you're at don't bother with these other

things something you should understand

is is the more of these that you have

turned on the more you're making your

Xbox work in making your system work the

hotter your system is going to get in

the least amount of time you're going to

get out of it in the long run because

every one of these you turn on is going

to force your Xbox to create more

numbers and more things on the screen

and it just isn't needed so why do it

show icons on drop and rarity icons for

items now this is going to show

legendary drops on the map and it's also

going to show what color they are

because there are you know the orange

Legendary's which is just good

old-fashioned Legendary's and then

there's green Legendary's which are

set-piece items green legendaries will

show up as a it looks kind of like I

don't know like a green star and then an

orange star for the other ones alright

now we're going to be talking about your

follower if you play a lot like I do

you're going to end up playing by

yourself a lot because you hate most of

the community because most of the

community on the console are about

modders yeah so we're going to go to our

follower and we're going to talk about

him for a second there's obviously

there's three followers you can use any

three of them that you want I choose to

use the Templar I use the Templar for

his for his abilities on enemies to get

them away from me regenerates life per


stunning targets and you're supposed to

be running inspire there we go

increase my fury generation a special

thing that they added in for Reaper of

souls is the ability to give your guys

like legendary uh I guess you can call

it oh yeah there it is Templar relic uh

or an enchantress focus or a scoundrel

token they have special abilities on

each of the legendaries like there's one

to reduce cooldowns there's one that

gives them all of their abilities and

then there's one so that they can't die

you want to run with the ones so that

they can't die so they're always being

able to use their ability as you're able

to throw him into the end of fray and

have him going and tank for you a little

bit since he can't die you obviously

don't have to worry about it always

however gear him up anyway you can I

obviously I didn't throw a socket into

his nail-biter because I really don't

care he doesn't need it he's not going

to be doing hardly any damage anyway I

give him just you know a random

legendary shield some rings your

follower if you give him anything

special like like gold percentages or

like the bulk at those wedding band you

drain it life from the enemies around

you you benefit from the same abilities

that he benefits from so if you look at

my feet you'll see like this little it's

really light but it's like a light grey

cloud now that should only be on him but

because he's my follower I'm actually

gaining the ability to drain life from

the enemies around me as well so your

follower is a lot more important than

people give him credit for especially

for people who play by themselves aka me

because I'm a sad panda uh you can also

give him you know sockets are

socketed things but it's not really

needed in all honesty obviously I didn't

put I didn't socket the things that I

gave him that have sockets you don't

need it as long as you have one of these

which you'll find one eventually it's

not hard to find

if you can't dye is the perfect little

meat shield for you next your Paragon

as you level past 70 you're going to get

more Paragon you it's going to happen

you're going to you're going to get them

and you need to spend your points

however you need to be aware of what

kind of character you're running how you

want to run your character and what you

want to do with him in the long run

because because even though you can

reset your Paragon points it's always

good to plan ahead so for instance this

build which I'll have a link for the

description or link in the description

for this build that I have it's my

whirlwind Barbe our whirlwind Barbe

needs strength and movement speed first

and then into vitality he also needs to

benefit from the maximum amount of

attack speed that I can give him and

cooldown reduction and then you know he

needs to max out his crit crit chance

and then crit damage I wish I could quit

hitting that button but it's an

automatic thing resource cost reduction

he really needs because he spends a lot

of fury life on hit of course for

survivability area damage comes next

Goldfine you don't need because in all

honesty if you're running greater rifts

or if you're running nephilim rifts

you're going to get just ridiculous

amounts of gold

I have 1.8 billion gold now and I gave

away a lot of it not even a lie and as

far as your defensive stuff you need to

worry about well you know like are you

going to be getting in melee range in

which case you might want to go more for

armor are you going to be sitting more

towards the back so you're going to need

more life region and it resists all and

armor or in my case you know I need I'm

going to be hit at getting hit melee so

I need high armor I need lots of life

and resists all would have to come after

that life regeneration per second isn't

it doesn't give you a whole lot 240

times fifty is you know a good amount

what I can't math so I'm not even gonna

try but these little tips and tricks are

going to help you in the long run also

you need to make sure that when you pick

a character don't just slap on skills

and slap on builds that you see other

people doing without thought you know if

you're going to copy a build and copy

and paste a build that you see someone

else running like one of my builds or or

you know some other youtubers build

don't just copy and paste it learn the

build first if you're just copying

pasting something and you don't really

take the time to learn the skills and

learn how every single thing works

you're just going to fail set yourself

up for failure more times than not you

don't want be holding yourself back on

this game because you're like oh yeah I

went onto YouTube and I found this

awesome build and then I just basically

I found the same gear as him but I just

can't do the same stuff as him well

that's because you have to spend time

with the character you can't just take a

take a barbarian hit level 70 throw on

all this gear and expect to be doing the

same kind of damage I am you have to

have the same kind of Paragon I have you

have to run the exact same skills in the

exact same way you have to learn what

situation skills work best and to do

that you need time I think I have

somewhere around like 300 hours almost I

think in this game which isn't a lot

obviously is a load come on isn't really

not going to show me what only shows

when you pull up other friends profiles

well here let's let's go to a good buddy

of mine as way more hours in his game

than I do

he also his em but the amount of hours

that he has and reflects they kind of

the kind of character he runs he runs a

monk he only runs amok he runs one of

the best monks that I've ever seen and

oh yeah I forgot Xbox Live is down right

now so trying to look at other people's

profiles is kind of a moot point this is


I'm going to say this right here at the

end you Xbox why do I pay 25 bucks

every three months so you can on me

by letting your system your network just

go kaput not once not twice but three

four times a month sometimes that's

I don't pay twenty five

dollars a month and not play online like

that's that's the whole point like I can

quit paying my xbox live and just play

by myself though that's what I want but

I play destiny with friends I play Call

of Duty with friends hell I play this

the diablo with friends so xbox if some

random person happens is see this firm

that works for xbox you fix your

my name is aida i love you guys bye