How to Use Zoom - Free Video Conferencing & Virtual Meetings

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everyone in today's video I want to show

you how to use zoom and to use it to

host meetings on your desktop now this

works for Mac and PC and it's a

standalone app for those platforms you

could get it from the link in the

description below this video at zoom dot

us now there's a free version of zoom

that's gonna be good for most case

scenarios and there are some paid

version if you're trying to do other

things with it but you could hold

virtual meetings you could go ahead a

video chat

you could have conference calls you

could screen share you could hold

classrooms town halls you could have up

to a hundred participants on the free

version of zoom and up to a thousand

participants on a meeting on the paid

version I'm gonna spend most of the time

on the computer here so I could show you

exactly how to use zoom and most of the

essential features that zoom brings you

so when you land on the website zoomed

on us you do have to sign up and create

an account so I'm gonna go ahead and

press that and then I'm gonna show you

how to host a meeting once you do create

an account too you could also join

meetings but that does require you to

have the app as well so you could use

Google or Facebook or signing with your

work email here and you should get an

email here to activate your account go

ahead and do that and then go ahead and

create your account with your name and

password now once you create an account

here if you press the zoom icon here on

the left side you'll come back to this

page where you could actually join a

meeting or host a meeting I'm gonna

focus on hosting a meeting and again

this is after I created my account here

and I'm gonna do it with video on but

these are your three different options

you could always turn the video off too

if you start with video on and these all

have share your screen option I'll press

that here and if you've never ran zoom

before it's gonna ask you to download

zoom now this does not take place on the

browser this is an standalone app on

your Mac or PC so I'm gonna go ahead and

download and run zoom here it's gonna

download it as a package to my computer

again it's the same if you have a PC but

you'll just go ahead and install it very

straightforward on how to do that and

now let me minimize the website so I

could focus on the home page of the zoom

app so as you could see I'm on the zoom

app on my Mac is the same on the PC and

here there's a few options that I have I

could join a meeting I'll show you where

to get the

join code in a second where I create my

own that's creating your new meeting

yourself scheduling or sharing screen

I'll go ahead and press new meeting I'll

press this icon and it's gonna launch my

video on my Mac here not the one I was

recording the intro with I'll go ahead

and join with my camera with my computer

audio here now let me show you all the

options you have right here on zoom so

on the very bottom I'll start from left

to right you have mute which comes in

very very handy so if I mute here

unmuting myself I'm gonna show you how

to mute other participants to when you

have a lot of people here but I'm gonna

go ahead and unmute myself you also have

this arrow which is gonna show you all

the different microphones that you have

attached on all the speakers so I have a

different microphone here that sounds a

lot better so if you're doing this for

example for podcasting or for recording

meetings this might be something to

invest in so I'll put a link in the

description to this mic you could go

ahead and stop the video that's the

other options let me press that and show

you what happens this not does not in

any way in the meeting or stop your

audio my audio still going so if I

didn't want to show my face in the video

I could just go ahead and press that at

any time I could bring this back and

again this has an up arrow for different

types of audio or video if you have

those connected then you have invites so

after you set up your audio and video

you obviously want to invite people

because this is a place for meetings if

I press that I could use my contacts

here or I could use email which is very

handy you could select any of these

options and send this email out to

people or one of my favorites is copy

link and then you're gonna get a link

here let me just go ahead and paste it

to show you what that looks like

if I press paste here command V on my

Mac this is the URL that you're gonna

send someone again the email takes here

that for you but if you are manually

doing it and you'll have to share this

meeting password that's right over here

so make sure you copy this and add it to

whatever text you're sending to someone

but you could use any text message

platform to send this or one of these

default emails here

very straightforward if you choose those

options it's gonna basically layout how

to join that meeting exactly over here

with the password and link to a meeting

after that you have managed participants

so this is very useful if you press this

and let's say you have a lot

participants may be a hundred

participants here you could go ahead and

manage all of them individually

basically by muting them if you want or

unmuting them if you want or turning off

their video here a lot of different

options for each person and the more

option lets you add profile pictures and

so on but what's very important here is

the mute all options so if you were

presenting by yourself and you didn't

want other people to interact in any way

you could press mute all unmute all and

you have this other option where you

could mute participants on entry so you

don't hear them if they don't remember

to mute themselves so all these

different options are over here then you

have chat which is also part of this

over here on the bottom you could go

ahead and set that to everyone and

everyone could basically chat on the

side and share files but if you press

the three dots you could also change it

over here let me go ahead and make this

a little bit smaller so you can see all

these options under the three dots but

you can basically have where the host

only could make the chats or is publicly

available and everybody could publicly

chat here so I like that option so

everybody could see what other people

have to say next to that you have record

I can't press that right now because I'm

recording my screen but this basically

records what's happening on screen here

and then when you press stop after that

you will turn it to an mp4 file you

could share that you will just after you

end the meeting show up on your desktop

very straightforward there you have

reactions you could give people a clap

or a thumbs up and it'll show up over

here when other people are talking and

when you're done you could basically

press n meeting on this side let me show

you when you press that you get two

options either leave the meeting so the

meeting will continue without you or end

the meeting if you're the host so if I

press end the meeting is gonna end it

for everybody and if I was recording it

something will pop up here that's gonna

show my recording on my desktop and now

if I wanted to create a new meeting or

join an existing meeting scheduled

meeting I'm back to the home page of

zoom so I no longer have to go to the

zoom website I now have the zoom app on

my computer and you should too if you

follow this process so next time you

want to add a meeting you could jump

back over here and schedule a meeting

just on this page and if you wanted to

make it easier in the future to add

you come to the contacts press the plus

sign and add contacts here or create a

channel here to add contacts and you'll

make a lot easier if you're using zoom

all the time but you don't have to do

that you could always send the invite

via email or via the link I showed you

and it's that simple to use zoom on a

Mac or PC I hope you could benefit from

zoom if you're teaching classrooms or

you're holding meetings or working from

home this is a very powerful tool if you

have any questions let me know in the

description below this video and I hope

to see you on the next video thanks so

much for watching this one