Civilization 6 Mods, Maps, & Tweaks: Zoom Mod

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hello everybody and welcome to mods maps

and tweaks for civ six today we're going

to be looking at a zooming out mod um

it's called kinetic calm 1.1 I'm not so

good with words so I don't think I can

actually pronounce that but regardless

it's a camera preset for sip six and

this person has done a very good job on

it was uh kind of work together by

several people trying to figure out how

to change the actual settings now if

this is 0 it's not a map obviously it's

a mod or tweak you have to download a

file but it's more of a tweak because

you have to actually back up one of the

files within your civics folder I'm sure

there's a way to mod this in but for now

it's not there it's no additional

content like you can't disable it but I

feel like a camera zoom mod is you

either happy with what civics has right

now or you're not happy and you want to

be able to zoom in to know more it also

changes a few parameters will take a

look at this they do a very good job on

this is like one of the best except for

qcs seek use a UI mod website this is

probably one of the best ones on the

forums that I've seen great pictures art

it even gives a little gift as to what

it does and then tells you how to

install it I'm going to go over it by

myself though you can see here and you

go to this website i'll put a link in

the deck in the description below where

you can go and see and there's actually

places you can go and you can tweak the

mod yourself so if you're not happy with

what you have you can you can make that

a little bit change ah I'm okay ever

messed around with it too much but i

don't really like the angle of attack

and i think you can the hike curve you

can change the time versus height we can

mess around with it to see if i can make

it more to my liking i like more

top-down view when you're when you're

zoomed all the way out but i'll show you

when we get into the game so you go to

hear you download the file and then one

that whoops

when the when you download the file

you'll get this you can open the zip

file with whatever you want there's our

camera debt art deaf in there now you go

to your your civilization 6 folder which

is it'll be under program files then you

go to steam steamapps common sub six

base art deaths and in that folder there

you'll have a camera art def file now

you want to back this up you want to

like if you don't like it you won't try

it out for yourself you want to be able

to go back to the old one so I just made

I just copy and pasted camera dark def

and renamed it camera darf debt back up

and then when you if you don't like this

delete this and then just rename this

art art def and it'll take you back to

the way you were before which is good I

mean it's always good to try stuff out

so I always make a backup trust me

you're going to want to and if that

doesn't work you can actually delete the

art def file and then go into steam you

can look up in some other videos but

essentially and you know what I'll show

you right here if that doesn't work you

want to go in here you can go to civics

and then you go properties local files

verify integrity of game cache and and

it'll it'll go in and it'll add the

files that you're missing so then you go

in you load up game any game you want

and it's compatible with games you've

already started as well because you're

actually replacing one of the files

within within the game so even if you

have a game that you've started it you

really like this mod and you want to use

it you can go in there so when you go in

and there's no reason you don't need to

change any settings or anything like

that you can see that you can zoom

really far in now previous games you

couldn't do min this far and you know

what the art looks actually really good

this far zoomed in you can even use the

alt click to kind of look around the

models and this is why I don't really

get people's complaints about sub 6 is

art it's amazing it's even good when

you're not supposed to be able to see in

this close look at the models

this I've seen like models on games that

where you're actually supposed to be in

this close not be this good they're

actually really good the textures are

really good everything all the little

details and I'm showing you this on a

new game that I've played but I've

tested this out on one of my other

offline plays you can check out my

online playthroughs that in my videos on

my channel this multi our 9am shameless

plug but it's really cool to see the

lights come on in different districts

when you have them selected and stuff

like that and a lot of this looks really

good even the water looks really good it

actually has a nice Sheen from this

angle that you can't really see and you

can see that the fish are actually under

the water this is look at that that's so

good so good and you can see the little

actions that stuff is doing now the

important part for this for me is the

the zoom out feature because I really

miss being able to see the whole thing I

like civ4 when you zoom doubt and it

wants you to discover map making or

celestial navigation or something it

eventually would turn into a world which

I thought was clearly cool this doesn't

do that and I'm sure much in the future

that might be added on to a different

mod maybe not this one but that would be

really cool to see you can even see how

the rivers flow properly like where

they're coming from their high spot that

is so cool where you couldn't really see

that that close in the other zooming

settings so if you zoom out zoom out now

I've used the reveal all command which

you can check out in one of my other

tweak videos how to do that and you can

zoom out and you can zoom out now this

is about where the last one maybe here

is where both the zumo stopped but if

you want to just keep going there you go

that's the whole thing you can see from

the top to the bottom of the actual

mapping I actually like the background

of this that's pretty cool look at that

and so you can see pretty much

everything so we see yellow there it's

almost the whole map that you can see

now this is a tiny map it's a dual map

on Islands but it's pretty cool to see

pretty much everything you can see from

top to bottom testing it on larger Maps

you get quite a few tiles in there and I

notice some lag once the game progresses

into the future and you get like a lot

more stuff a lot more stuff unlocked i

can show you that sorry when you hit

next turn yes i know i see you anywhere

i don't care it's a little bit of extra

leg but that's more down to that i

revealed the whole map but it's pretty

cool i like it simple mod easy to

install easy to uninstall it's just

removing the file and going back to your

backup but always remember to do a

backup really important so that's that

person's name that i can't pronounce as

mod again i'll give full credit in the

description and i'm going to post on the

forums in that particular post for the

mod and hopefully you guys can check it

out do some testing install it give some

feedback that you want to see i just

don't really like at this point of view

the way that the the camera angle is

angled in like this instead of down a

little bit more i like my whole view to

come almost straight down but i suppose

you can go to the the strategic view if

you really wanted to for that i'm going

to mess around with it it's good it's a

little bit tweakable so go to forums

test respond say thank you to the the

mod developer really there's a lot of

tweaking and and annoying stuff that

goes into making this game better for us

so feel free to go in and do that i also

would like for the icons to be a little

bit smaller can you can turn those off

though can't you map options oh yeah

there you go yeah I suppose maybe not

leave them there good for when you need

to see them good for when you don't um

so that's pretty much it thanks for

checking out my video feel free to

subscribe and like if you had a good

time and i'll see you guys next time but