How to use Canon 80D Digital Zoom - with Samples

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Today, we are looking at the Canon 80D digital Zoom Feature

how to use it,

when to use it, and

more important then that, should you really use it.

To start using the digital zoom,

turn on your camera, put it into video mode;

and then press the Q menu button.

Now this mode only works for 24 or 30p frame rate as of now,

both in .mov or .mp4 format.

so if you are using 6op frame rate then,

select either of the frame rate from Q Menu first.

Now, just below that you will see a zoom icon,

where you can select to turn on Digital Zoom.

The minimum zoom that it will start is

3 times of your original frame and

that is where I would probably recommend to use it but

you can zoom up to 10 times by selecting the zoom icon

from the corner of your LCD screen.

This can also be done when the recording is on.

To turn it off, again press the Q menu button and

select the same option that we used to turn it ON.

Now, whou would actually use this feature

it is exactly like cropping your frame

and you won't get any depth of field and

you will also increase some noise as well as softness in picture.

but this could probably be useful if you are

going to crop your video anyway and

you may want to add Panning to your video or

you may want follow a subject in your frame.

and you don't want to do it in editing software and

you just want to share the clips on social media

then this should be really useful.

Also, as far as you stick to 3 times crop factor, I don't see much increase in noise of softness

So, of course there is nothing like optical zoom but

this could be really useful if you are running with just one lens and you need

little bit more reach in situations like live events.

Hope this was helpful, if you have any questions suggessions

leave a comment below,

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and as always thanks for watching.