Explained! Focal Length vs Zoom?

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focal length and zoom are they basically

the same thing nope not really


hello everybody and welcome to another

episode of explained and in today's

video I'll be explaining the difference

between focal length and zoom now people

are often confused by these two terms

especially those who are just starting

out in photography you'll often get

phrases like this lens zooms very far

this lens has a lot of zoom so let's

start off with focal length now the

simple explanation for focal length is

the distance between the front element

of your lens to the sensor of your

camera so the longer your focal length

the longer the reach of your lens

basically you'll get a tighter image so

if the lens has a very long focal length

like 200 millimeters then it's referred

to as a telephoto lens and if a lens has

a very short focal length say 10

millimeters then it's a wide-angle lens

because it has a very wide angle of view

now a zoom is really just referring to a

lenses ability to change its focal

length like this lens right here it can

zoom from 24 millimeters to 805

millimeters lenses that have a fixed

focal length are called prime lenses and

they cannot zoom so if you were to say

something like a 600 millimeter prime

lens can zoom very far then that

statement is technically incorrect

because technically a 600 millimeter

lens cannot zoom the correct way to

phrase it would be to say that the lens

has a very far reach now another thing

to understand is the zoom factor now

you'll see the zoom factor being used

very oftenly particularly when it comes

to marketing material directed at the

mass market ie point-and-shoot cameras

you'll see them saying that this camera

has a 5-time zoom this camera has a 10

times zoom this camera has a 50 times

zoom the zoom factor is simply a number

you get from dividing the longest focal

length on a zoom lens by its shortest

focal length so for example this is a 24

to 105 millimeter zoom lens so if I

divide 105 millimeters by 24 millimeters

I'll get a zoom factor of four point

three seven five times now zoom factors

are less commonly used in the high-end

markets you still see them from time to

time but not as often because to the

working professionals zoom factors don't

really mean much they're more interested

in knowing the actual range of the focal

lengths so that's it for my explanation

on focal length versus zoom I hope this

video has been informative let me know

in the comment section below what else

would you like me to explain

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really think of so much watching and I

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