How to Add 2X Zoom to the iPhone XR!

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the iPhone Tanner's camera takes great

landscape and wide-angle portraits but

wouldn't it be better to have a

telephoto zoom lens like it's more

expensive flagship brother the iPhone

10s well here's how we can add a

telephoto lens on an iPhone 10 our so

this is a moment 58 millimeter telephoto

lens this beautiful looking lens can be

used on your iPhone 10 R to achieve that

2x zoom on the iPhone 10s and 10's max

you get two different focal lengths a

regular wide lens and a 2x telephoto

lens perfect for portraits while we are

missing that second sensor for that 2x

zoom moments telephoto lens will not

only get you that 2x zoom it will

actually make your telephoto shots look

way better than the iPhone 10 s is

secondary shooter since its using the

iPhone 10 ours main camera sensor with a

much lower aperture which will result in

brighter less grainy photos and

natural-looking bokeh without using

portrait mode now if you're not familiar

with moment they've been producing these

high quality lenses for the iPhone for

several years now and their v2 lenses

have only gotten better the exterior is

made out of this really high-quality

aluminum that is cold to the touch and

the lenses themselves are hefty and feel

really good to hold the lenses

themselves are also made out of high

quality glass to give you the best image

quality possible moment also requires

you to use their photo case which is how

you attached a 58 millimeter telephoto

lens to the phone and we really like

this concept because it allows us to use

these moment lenses with other phones

like an iPhone 6 7 or 8 plus even the

pixel 3 from Google third party lenses

back in the early days were made out of

plastic and didn't really use high

quality glass with multi coat so they

weren't as sharp and introduce chromatic

aberrations to the images now what makes

the 58 millimeter telephoto lens so

great is that the shots you're now able

to get with the iPhone 10 are having a

single-wide camera is just so limiting

when you're looking to shoot portraits

or if you're looking for a more

compressed shot with the iPhone 10s

that's not really an issue and that's

what really drew me away from buying the


it's that lack of secondary lens a

portrait mode also looks great on the

iPhones head are paired with the moment

fifty eight millimeter lens shots are

more compressed and I love how sharp the

photos are even though we're adding

another layer of glass on top of the

lens now September is right around the

corner and we're hearing that the new

iPhone 11 are or whatever they may end

up calling the new iPhone will

apparently add a secondary shooter to

its more budget-friendly iPhone so

not having a secondary lens maybe a

thing in the past once these new iPhones

are announced but if you're not in the

market to upgrade your iPhone just yet

picking up a moment lens won't be such a

bad idea and it's an inexpensive way to

add a secondary lens to your iPhone 10

are the moment telephoto lens retails

for $120 and we'll link them down below

if you're interested in giving these a



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