Apps not downloading from microsoft store Fixed

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hi guys then in this video I just want

to tell you guys how you can download

apps from the store the Microsoft Store

and no matter what Windows Phone you

have I'm going to show you exactly how

to do this well first you want to ensure

that your date is correct you want to

ensure that your date and time is

correct so you go into your setting you

go date and time and you can see here

that my time is set automatically

towards my internet time which is 1051

you will want to make sure that you have

the correct time zone and also the

correct year when that is in place then

you can also reach that your device you

can disconnect your internet and you can

try reconnect into your internet and

also if you still cannot download any

app you can connect to a different

internet when doing so ensure that your

time is correct your time soon as well

also I am going to show you a technique

as well to cause your Microsoft Store to

download apps what you want to do you

want to go to the internet browser here

and you want to use the internet browser

just to make the phone aware of what's

happening so you can go to MSN calm

also if you have a hot meal address you

can go to hotmail comm then you want to

sign in using the browser after you

finish signing in then you can go to the

store and then download whatever app you

want to download