Borderlands 3: How to Zoom Sniper Rifles

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hey everyone I'm gonna talk about how to

zoom your sniper rifle in Borderlands 3

so you got a new sniper rifle and you're

wondering how to go even further with

the zoom well all you can do is really

just hold the left trigger on your

controller that's l2 if you're on ps4 or

LT if you're on Xbox one that's it

that's how to aim down sights and it's

also how to zoom in your sniper rifle

you can't go any further than that

you'll notice that if you're pressing

like r3 which is usually the button to

zoom in you're just gonna do a melee

attack and yeah different sniper rifles

use different types of scopes sometimes

you can even press down on your d-pad to

change the shooting mode for the

different rifles and this will in turn

cause it to zoom in more or less but

yeah sorry to be the bearer of bad news

that you can't really zoom in any

further that's all you need to know

about how to zoom a sniper rifle in

Borderlands 3 hopefully this helped you

out if it did please leave a like if you

have any other questions leave a comment

down below and thank you for watching