Blender 3D View Tutorial: Rotate, Pan, and Zoom Controls

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hello my name is Brian Ross and here

I'll be going over the basics of

navigating the 3d window in blender

first there's a couple of settings under

the user preferences that you want to

have enabled if they're not already just

select under the interface tab select

zoom to Mouse position and rotate around

selection and these give you a little

more control when you're navigating your

scene under the input tab check the

emulate 3-button Mouse and this will

enable the shortcuts controls for if

you're using a two button mouse or say

like a pen tablet and you can hit save

as default that will close the window

and that will be your default selection

settings the next time you open blender

now we'll go over the three button

controls first to zoom your scene I just

didn't scroll the mouse wheel and you

can see where that how that's scroll

zooming in to where the mouse pointers

ad on the screen got to rotate your

scene just hold the middle mouse button

now rotate the scene around whatever you

have selected there because if you don't

have that rotate around selection option

checked the it just gets really

confusing when you're messing with a

scene with a lot of objects in it and

you're trying to rotate it and it seems

to be flying all over the place and this

is just a nice option to lock it in

before you to pan the scene and just

hold the shift in the middle mouse

button down and that'll pan your scene

and that's all it is for the three

button controls for the two button to

zoom you do ctrl alt and left mouse

button and as zooms you're seen to

rotate it's just the Alt + left mouse

button and then to pan the scene with

the two buttons set up as a shift alt

and the left mouse button now see I use

a combination of three button and two

button controls just either out of bad

habit bad practice whatever you'll find

a setup that works for you and the

controls that are more convenient for

your setup and that's all there is to

navigate in the 3d scene thanks for