LOTR BFME 2: Increased Zoom Out Tutorial & Download

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what's up everyone the destroyer 0:01

here and today i will be showing you how

to zoom out your camera in battle for

middle-earth 2 so start off I'm going to

launch the game and I will show you what

the camera zoom is like without this fix

it is basically unplayable I couldn't

play it like this at all ever

and I find it odd that it actually comes

this way because the Xbox version

doesn't have this kind of zoom or

anything but it's it's outrageous so a

lot of you will have trouble getting

into this game if you can't do much your

camera properly

I'll just want to skirmish just show you

on buckland very played map online so I

mean you're going to want to see it work

on buckland trust me and here you go

I launched into the game this is what I

see I see nothing but fortress here

here's my builder not not really

I can't zoom out at all but I can zoom

in I mean if you like that doorway or

the 2000s detail on these works and

that's great but no one wants to play

this way you know this is not how the

game is meant to be played so today I

will be showing you a fix for this zoom

at your camera properly and be able to

enjoy this game as it should be so first

what you're going to need is a going you

download these uh battle for

middle-earth Maps big rar files and what

these are is basically a little file and

I believe this is 81 megabytes inside 80

yeah so my god and uh so we're going to

need to download this I will put the

links in the description for both of

these there's a one for regular and

there's one for rise of the witch-king

as well if you want to play rise of the

witch-king you have that expansion you

have the problem with the zoom as well

you're going to need this and this so

download both of those are one of these

if you just play

just this one if you're just playing

normal and you don't care about rise of

the witch-king so you're going to want

to open these with winrar or 7zip or

some sort of archive opening thing and

extract this tiny little file here the

maps big file and then um you can want

to go to your computer this is for

Windows or Windows 7 specifically this

is the only way I know how to do it I

only have Windows 7 so I can't show you

any other way I can't show you an apple

or any of that but if you're running

Windows it should be generally like this

and then you go into your local disk and

program files 86 and this is assuming

this is where your game installed this

is where my game installed so then you

go to electronic arts and here you will

see your battle for middle-earth 2tm

file and your Lord of the Rings by res

the witch-king file folder so this is

where you will put this map stop big

file but before you do this you will

have to look in this folder there's

already a Maps big file here this is

your Maps file folder this is what it

just how the displays the maps I guess

in a file so instead of just overriding

this by dragging this in here we're

going to name this old maps you don't

have to do this I mean I think you can

just delete this or override it if you

want to but I think it's good to save

your old map file just in case something

goes wrong you know so it never hurts to

keep it and then we will take this map

stop big file and you can either copy in

there or just drag it in there and

whatever and that is your new map stop

big file for your game now let's launch

the game actually one more thing before

we do that you're going to need to do

this as well

type in % app data % play a lot of

Minecraft without mods or anything

you'll know this path quite well takes

you to your roaming folder

and from here you always want to look

for my battle for middle-earth TM files

and here's your rise of the witch-king

one right below it

assuming but you're going to need to

open this and here you need to go to

your options in E and you're going to

want to edit this with your notepad

alright so in here we have a pretty much

the options I think this is the option

settings for your game but you're going

to want to change the resolution in here

to 1920 by 1080 that's the resolution

I'm using that's the reson additionally

I use for everything so I'm assuming you

want to do the same so you want to

change that right here you can't change

that in game it doesn't go that high in

the game so you have to change you here

so do that change it's 1920 space 1080

and then save it close it and then you

should be good to go so we'll relaunch

the game and I will show you hopefully

that is working

so let's just get through this title

screen here longest title screen ever

intro sequence I should say not really

title screen this is the title screen

alright solo play skirmish

let's relaunch that same skirmish on


and hopefully we'll be able to see more

than just a fortress look at that there

you go this is the way the game is meant

to be played now I can build stuff I can

actually play the game you know I can

see this is how I play the game and you

can still zoom in incredibly far if you

want for whatever reason but you can

zoom out this far this is Mac doom and

this is more than adequate so yeah

that's that working so that is most

excellent so I'll go over the resolution

real quick it's the same exact thing you

take this up an absolute file out of the

rise of the witch-king folder I'm

basically going to be doing the exact

same thing but I'll just do it just in

case you uh get lost again go to program

files 86 from the local disk you find

your uh passed it up in the Electronic

Arts folder Lord of the Rings rise of

the witch-king and these are your files

and then you drag this Maps big file I'm

just going to copy and replace doesn't

really matter

move replace and then there's that but

what I would do is recommend renaming

your original one old Maps baggy or

something just to keep your original

file but you can do this if you want

like I said then you can close that and

go the same percent AppData percent

forgetting put a onion lures rings Reds

which King files and then you're going

to want to go to options Eenie again

here and put your resolution at 1920 by

1080 again so I will uh I will launch

that real quick I don't have a physical

version of this game so let me just a

mount my other eye rise of the

witch-king file instead and launch that

show you that that is working as well

images there we go

I can't really give you a download link

to this uh to my game like if you don't

have a physical copy and you want to not

so physical copy I'm gonna put it uh

most of them have been taken down from

what I've seen it's hard for me to find

in those nowadays like I downloaded mine

off kickass torrents but that doesn't

exist anymore in Pirate Bay I don't know

what's one of the Pirate Bay nowadays

lots of nonsense shutdowns and all that

but yeah so let's go solo play skirmish

let's just launch this and this should

be zoomed out

all right here we go as you see that is

pretty zoomed out not as zoomed out is

regular it seems like it's a little bit

more zoomed in but that's fine you know

it's still pretty zoomed out this is

what it was like normally so I mean this

is a godsend right here I await the

witch Kings come on here's some egg Mar

nonsense career I can build stuff there

you go there's that working flawlessly

and you can patch the patching doesn't

affect this at all I don't know if this

works on what patch 1.00 for regular or

on patch a 2.0 2 or whatever for as the

witch-king I know for sure it works on

patch 2.0 1/4 rises of witch-king

because that's what that I was just

playing and it definitely works for

patch 1.06 and 1.08 although 1.08 cuz i

has a built-in widescreen thing so it's

a little different but it still works

with that so ya can't say if it works on

patch 1.00 which a lot of people still

play on a game ranger but i'm assuming

it would I wouldn't see why I wouldn't

you can try that if you want I'm not

going to switch patches just to try that

so yeah that is that also one more thing

if you do click the download button make

sure you don't click on any other crap

on this screen make sure you click this

green download button and it should

download your map it may have you after

a catch catch file or whatever the hell

it's called

but that should lead you to the screen

button is what you need to click to

click this so just make sure you don't

click anything extra because I don't

want anyone to click anything extra to

get viruses or stupid ads or something

of that nature so just be careful when

you downloading make sure you click the

right button and that's all so yeah

that's it I hope this has been helpful

and uh hope it fixes your game get to go

on and I hope to see you online on game


so see you out there