How to Screen Zoom in Mac Yosemite OS X how to scroll zoom

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hey guys on this video I'm going to show

you how to swim into your Mac so I'm not

talking about zoom into any pages but

your actual desktop so you can press

control and then just scroll and you

will see this effect right now that I'm

doing so you can zoom in this much you

can make this huge thing

now this to do this all you have to do

is go into system preferences so if you

can't find System Preferences down here

you can always type it on up here okay

so once you type it up here and in the

spotlight search and you find that out

there we go it opens up and then we go

to accessibility so main so you guys see

that on some in if you guys go right

here in accessibility there's the second

option which soon so just click on the

second option and here you can press

control and then you can just scroll to

zoom in and scroll out zoom out now

there's other ones that you can use as

well if you like shortcuts okay you can

do that or if you like other options you

can do those from here but all the

zooming options are here the scrolling

ones one of the most popular ones it's

just very easier intuitive to do but if

you just like guy using your shortcut

keys you can do those two so you can

activate these two just by clicking here

however I'm going to take those off

because I don't personally like those I

just like to zoom in and out just by

scrolling in and out now here you're

going to see voiceover and a bunch of

other options that you may not have

known from before so just talking to

your computer and type for you with

dictation and a bunch of stuff that you

can do with your computer anyways that's

it for this tutorial if you guys have

any questions comments you can write the

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