How to Zoom Back in on a Laptop : Windows Magic

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hi my name is Luke and this is how to

zoom back in on a laptop if you're using

Microsoft Windows on your laptop and

you've noticed everything small and

you'd like to zoom back in what you're

going to want to do is open up display

settings to check what the overall zoom

is on your computer by default it's set

to 100% zoom or smaller if you'd like to

zoom in or you previously had it set to

medium select medium and then hit apply

this will make everything larger or zoom

back in if you're using a web browser

any web browser by default will allow

you to hold control and if you have a

mouse wheel you can use the mouse wheel

to scroll in and out which will change

the zoom lastly you have the magnifier

option which if you type magnifier into

the start bar at the bottom you should

see magnifier appear under programs here

you can zoom in and out just by clicking

on the plus and minus bar as you can see

the magnification changes greatly and

that's it