ArmA 3 Tutorial: SOS Scope

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snap to cover calm we always snap to

cover you guys how's it going it's Tobin

here from snap recover calm wanted to

show you a quick little tutorial and

ARMA 3 on the SOS scope if you haven't

seen the SOS scope here it is it's

basically a Mel dot reticle scope that

you could put on your rifle cool thing

about mil dot scopes is you can use them

for both range estimation and quickly

engaging targets at different distances

based on mapping out the different

mil-dots to what they correspond to at

different distances alright so first

thing we want to do is figure out how

far our target is to do that we need to

know how tall our target is this is a

video game and fortunately all of the

people in the game are the same exact

height I figured out in real world they

would be roughly one it'd be exactly one

point nine two meters with that we can

then come up with the equation target

size and meters times a thousand divided

by target height in mil-dots equals the

estimated range in meters so we take one

point nine two and times that by a

thousand we get 1920 and if we divide

that by the height and meter in in mils

we get if we line a horizontal line at

the top of this guy's head and let's put

a tripod out make it a little easier

maybe one two three mil dots and roughly

another mil dot L dot not nil but mil

dot size space below that

AM L dot in itself is 0.2 mils so this

would be three point two mils so if we

plug that in 1920 divided by three point


we get 600 even so that tells us

basically that this guy should be 600

meters away we pull out our trusty

rangefinder zoom all the way in and put

it on we see on the right side that we

are in fact 600 meters away from the


it's guys five nine nine if we use that

rough estimation we should be good let's

go to our gun back out now you can zero

your rifle for different distances with

your page up and page down right now

we're zeroed in at 500 meters we bump

this up 1 to 600 meters you would think

in all honesty that you were actually

sighted in correctly but if we put this

red dot on the head and pull the trigger

we miss nothing happened target didn't

fall no impact

what the heck happened we arranged for

600 meters 0 for 600 meters we pull the

trigger why didn't the squat in this guy

fall now I don't know if this has to do

the fact that we're using a scope that's

normally in the game put on a sniper

rifle which is shooting a 12 meet 12

millimeter round and we're currently

using 7.62 NATO I don't know if that has

to do with it but you're actually going

to have to hold if your range and your

zero are the same enough to hold one mil

low one minute of angle low so if we

hold the height though dot that's one

above right on the head that's holding

one mil low and if we pull the trigger

we see that we get a head shot already

so what else can you do if we go down to

500 meters we only have to hold

half a minute of angle high so if we

split the difference between the red dot

and the one directly below it but that

up on his head pull the trigger and we

get a head shot so those are a couple of

quick things you can do what I found is

the guns are actually cited in for about

50 meters 50 meters farther than they're

actually at so even though the gun says

it's cited in for 550 meters or 500

meters right now it's actually cited in

for 550 meters so what I've done is I've

actually set up a red marker up ahead

here and this is this is at 550 meters

so let's run on up to the red marker and

if it's off by a meter - you're not

going to be that that far off so let's a

trick our rangefinder by hitting B put

it up zoom in with our plus sign 552 so

we could scoot up a little bit to the

line zoom in again to make this as

accurate as possible

all right 550 so let's switch over to

our rifle I said even though it's zeroed

at 500 it's actually zeroed in for 550

so this should be dead-on accurate so

let's try and go for a head shot oh I

missed up with that there we go

maybe I might've jerk the trigger or

something let's do one more follow-up

just to be sure you've got to let the

gun kind of settle where it needs to be

they call the natural point of aim boom

so it's yeah it's just about 550 if you

were to put your red dot center of your

scope right where it needs to be

especially if you start shooting center

mass these guns seem to be a little bit

inaccurate in general I don't know if

it's because of the new weapons way or

what but I mean if you you're engaging

in shooting center mass you should have

absolutely no problem engaging like this

so I hope that's been helpful you can

use this kind of information to build

out an entire list you can build out it

what they call a drop chart so you can

figure out where you need to be on your

scope at different ranges you can kind

of fill that out yourself so let's let's

do a quick one at 600 meters and I've

already done this let's check our scope

again make sure we're really at 600

yep okay so if we go to 300 meters zero

and for 300 let's say we're engaging

guys up close and then we see this guy

off in the distance and we want to

engage them where do we have to put our

scope well we have to hold it at three

it to be about three mils high so if we

put our tripod down get about three

miles high boom headshot all right so

now we go to 400 meters 400 meters zero

which is a pretty good very good range

I'd say most of my contacts are usually

between four hundred five hundred meters

out when I'm really in a firefight and

they're actually engaging me four

hundred meters is usually a pretty good

range this is actually going to be two

minutes of angle high that you're gonna

have to hold though we're going to pop

that shot hit him in the head he's down

again we've already talked about five

that's going to be half a minute

above pull the trigger down 600 600

matches 600 so we know we need to go one

minute down pull the trigger he's dead

now we get out to two over 600 we're

actually going to need to be at three

three minutes of angle here let's put

that on target pull the trigger

you see headshot he ain't coming away

from that one and if we go up to eight

hundred meters so if we're engaging you

know way out in the distance maybe

there's a hill over there that we're

engaging and this guy's pops out from

behind a building we need quickly do

engage so he doesn't get us our

teammates you're basically going to use

the bar at this point to try and hit

them so let's pull the trigger there and

we see we get another headshot so with

that kind of data 900 you're really not

going to be able to see where it is I'm

going to estimate that it's going to be

probably somewhere near the top of the

scope yep so top of the scope that was

just a guess just from going through

this so much so top of the scope for 900

so that's what the gun zeroed

that's what the target at 600 meters

where you need to hold on the scope in

order to engage those targets so what

you can do is you could have an Excel

spreadsheet which is what I'm working on

right now basically say at different

target ranges where do you need to hold

your scope in order to engage targets at

different distances so if most of you

guys are 400 you're probably going to

want to have your gun at 400 or or 300

and from there if you see somebody's

farther away you're going to know

exactly what mil-dot you're going to

need to hold on in order to get accurate

shots on them so I hope this information

was helpful it would be nice if the

scope Ashley 0 to where it was supposed

to be it wouldn't throw off your numbers

as much and you'd probably be a little

bit more accurate but it's still pretty

good I mean if you can if you could work

out the math to the point where it's

like this and really engage people you

know no matter what the distance quickly

if I'm engage of people at 300 I want to

engage again I know I got to be down

here I can pop

Joff Killam and starting gauge to the

next guy so having that chart handy

nearby definitely makes you much more of

a threat as a designated marksman if or

if you're a sniper trying to give some

covering fire being able to use this

scope and and be effective with it is is

crucial so again hope this was helpful

leaving a comment below if you have any

questions and look forward to doing some

more of these see ya Topa nope

snap to cover calm we always snap to