Apple Watch Zoom - Explained

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what's happening everyone and in this

video I'm gonna show you what to do in

case your Apple watch looks like this or

in other words I will show you

everything what you need to know about

the zoom feature I will explain

everything like what to do if you happen

to be in a situation like this or how

you can zoom in on a picture how you can

zoom out how you can zoom in and control

it from anywhere so much get started

with this video right now okay so the

first thing that you need to do is to

make sure if the zoom feature is

actually turned on or enabled in your

watch in your settings so make sure to

go to this general section and make sure

to click on accessibility and here you

can see the zoom option so toggle it on

or toggle it off I prefer to have it

turn on because it's really great

feature and I will explain it to you how

exactly that works so in case you happen

to be in a situation where your Apple

watch is simply zoomed in and it looks

terrible you're not able to control it

just double tap it using your two

fingers just like that and the Apple

watch comes back to the normal state so

this is how you get out of it and the

logic behind it is that if you do it

once again it's gonna be zoomed in so

it's really simple and it's a really

powerful feature because it allows you

to control the Apple watch it allows you

to see what exactly there is on the

screen especially for those 38

millimeters all the Apple watches then

it can be really difficult to see

sometimes what there is so make sure to

zoom in using this gesture by the way if

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I try to post content like this all the

time and make sure you never miss

anything important in the future what's

also really great about this feature is

the way how you can control this so if

he's zoom it in I mean just like that

you can also use it at the very same way

and just like you use it on your iPhone

with a difference that on your iPhone

you double tap using your three fingers

but here you can move them if you if you

use your three fingers once again you

can move around these icons and you can

move to see which areas should be

dan on so similarly on the iPhone you

use two fingers so if you zoom in just

like that eh you zoom in once again and

now you can use it so you can scroll

using your two fingers which is really

handy and and if you don't want to zoom

in completely just double tap and you

can control the zoom so just like that

you can zoom it in and back out so it's

really it's really great thing I'm not

sure if you can see through my fingers

but it's really easy and the way it

works is really comfortable for me or

what you can also use if you are zoomed

in is the scrolling wheel and you can

actually get all