Apple TV Zoom Magnification Basics - Apple Accessibility

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(upbeat music)

- [Douglas] Hadley presents...

Apple videos.

Today we'll check out Apple TV, Zoom magnification basics.

Hello my name is Douglas Walker, today we will check out

our Apple TV Zoom feature.

Now, if we're not yet familiar with Zoom,

well Zoom is our magnification software that is built

right into Apple's operating system.

And with Zoom, we're able to magnify anything on our

Apple TV screen.

Which really is super great for us.

First we'll begin by checking out how we turn on

our Zoom feature.

We'll need to head to our settings app to do this.

Okay, our settings app is right here on our desktop,

so we'll just flick to our settings here,

and we'll just press,

(computer key chiming)

great, our settings app has opened.

And we've been presented with a list with all of our

Apple TV settings.

Now, we'll need to navigate to our Accessibility settings

to turn on our Zoom setting and our Accessibility settings

are under our General settings.

And our General settings are already highlighted here,

at the very top of our list.

So we'll just go ahead and press our touch surface here.

(tapping sound)

Great! Our General settings have opened.

So, we'll just swipe down until we find our Accessibility

button so we'll just swipe down a few times here.

(light whistling sound)

Alright, here we are right on our Accessibility buttons

so we'll just press.

(clicking sound)

Okay, here we are in all of our Accessibility settings

so we'll just go ahead and flick down until we find

Zoom here.

And we'll just flick down,

(light whistling sounds)

alright here is our Zoom button.

And we'll just press it here, and we'll press.

(tap sound)

Okay, finally right!

Our Zoom settings are open and we can simply press our Zoom

button here to turn on Zoom.

And that's exactly what we want.

So we'll just go ahead and press our touch surface.

(tap sound)

Alright we have turned on Zoom, that we can see that our

screen has been instantly magnified.

Which is super cool, right?

Now we've been given some beginning Zoom instructions here.

However, they can be just a bit confusing if we happen to be

new to our Apple TV, so we just press our menu button here,

to move back to our home screen.

We'll discuss not only these gestures, but some other really

useful tips for helping us to get the most out of our

Zoom magnification features.

So we'll just press our menu button here.

We'll press, and here we are back in our settings.

So we'll just press our menu button again, and again,

and one more time here.

(computer chime)

We are back on our home screen

and our screen here is still magnified.

Now it's really good to know that we can easily toggle our

Zoom magnification of and on at any time.

And we can do this by pressing our touch

surface three times.

(tapping sound)

And we'll need to do this kind of quickly.

So how about we give this a try.

We'll press three times quickly here,

and we'll just tap three times.

(tapping sound three times)

Great, and now our entire screen is visible.

Now, our Zoom feature is still running in the background.

So we can simply, just press our touch surface three more

times, to turn our Zoom right back on.

So we'll just press here again,

(tapping sound)

Alright and our screen is magnified again,

which is really great.

Alright, we'll use out standard flick gestures

to totally navigate our Apple TV screen.

And of course we'll simply just flick around on our

Siri remote touch surface to do this.

We can just flick around a bit here, and check it out

so we'll just flick to the right and up, all around here.

(whistle sounds)

And that's pretty great!

(whistle sounds) Everything stays magnified,

for us.

You know and that's pretty cool,

but what if our magnification level needs to be increased

or even decreased, just a bit?

Well, we can quickly change our Zoom magnification level

with our two finger, double tap and drag gesture.

Now, this gesture might take a bit of practice at first,

but it is super useful.

Now, we'll simply tap our Siri remote touch surface and

we'll tap it twice, quickly with two fingers,

only we're going to hold down on our second tap.

So let's go ahead and give it a try here.

And we'll just double tap and hold here and we'll

double tap and hold.

And we double tapped and held, now as we push our fingers

up our touch surface, remember our two fingers are still on

our surface, we notice that our text will

begin to enlarge here.

And of course we're leaving our fingers on our screen and

we'll pull down of course to decrease our magnification

like that.

Now we can push up and down and we still have our two

fingers here and when we get our text size about

where we like it here, we simply just lift our two fingers

from our touch surface.

And this is now our default magnification and now as we move

or kind of flick around on our screen here, we notice that

all of our text size is gonna stay the same.

You know our double tap and drag, really is a great gesture

for us because it any time we're able to quickly change our

magnification size.

Now, what if we want to view an errand on our screen or

place on our screen without the ability to flick to it?

Well, we also have what Apple calls our Zoom Drag Mode.

Now, our gesture for turning on Zoom Drag is actually a

two finger tap gesture.

And we'll simply tap our touch surface here quickly

with two fingers and we'll toggle our Zoom Drag on and off.

Okay, so let's go ahead and do that.

We'll just two finger tap our touch surface here three times

and we'll just triple tap here, we'll do that.

Okay we've turned on our Zoom Drag gesture and now

when we just slide or kind of drag our finger around on our

screen, we have the ability to pan or move in any direction,

on our screen.

There you go, we'll just dragging around with our thumb on

our touch surface here which is pretty cool.

Okay, so now that we have Zoom Drag turned on,

the way that we move on the items between the items on our

screen, has changed just a bit.

Instead of flicking between the items on our screen,

we'll need to touch near the side or the edge of our

touch surface in which we want to move.

So if we want to move to the next item to our right,

we'll simply touch to the right side of our touch surface.

How 'bout we do just that?

We'll just touch the right side of our surface here,

and we'll touch, (typing chime)

Each time I touch to the right,

(typing chime)

we move to the right and of course if I touch to the left,

(typing chime)

we move back to the left, here and of course,

(typing chime)

I can touch the lower side of my touch surface here,

(typing chime)

move down, and of course the upper side, or edge and move

back up there.


And there you go, now our Zoom Drag gesture can really

come in handy.

Especially if we happen to have some text on our screen

that we need to drag to in order to read it here.

That's pretty cool.

Alright our last Zoom feature that we want to check out,

today is our Zoom Speak feature.

Now, Zoom Speak is really super easy to navigate,

or to activate.

I tell you, this really is a feature that I find myself

using all the time.

Now, activating our Zoom Speak feature will speak the text

for our active item.

Of course we activate our Zoom Speak feature by simply

pressing our Siri button twice.

How 'bout let's try it.

We'll just press our Siri button here twice.

And we'll tap it twice here.

(tapping sound)

- [Speaker 2] TV, row one, column one.

- [Douglas] Alright our items text of course we heard

was read aloud to us and that's pretty great.

You know, Zoom Speak really is a nice feature,

it can be a huge help to reduce our eye fatigue.

I tell ya it's pretty easy to see how our Zoom features

make it so much easier for totally accessing our Apple TV.

(Soft piano music)

Again, my name is Douglas Walker,

take care and I'll see you next time.

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