Tutorial: How to Zoom Videos in VLC - Interactive Zoom NOT WORKING FIXED!!

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hello everyone welcome to video channel

in this video I'm going to show you how

to view in videos in will see me the

player and give you guys potential facts

for interactive um networking issue so a

few days ago I met the problem when I

remove a do this fell see you can see

for this portrait video it is same stock

and won't let me change the room level

and arrow

I know lots of us users have the same

problem with me Lockleys we run some

tests and figure out a solution to fix

it so if you want to know how keep

watching first let's see how to remove

videos in no see here we open the video

file ways well Cindy the player go to

choose on the select effects and filters

tab we'll effects and click geometry

enable interactive view then you can

track the white ahjuma with your hero to

do any part of the video and you can

adjust the room level here but also for

some videos you may find that you come

with a char wall like this one and this

is how to fix that first update to your

LC to the latest version download and

stir the bit process into a very frog

you may found the link below then let's

start to process a portal with you

open very prog and clicking G video drag

your video here click rotate then tap

rotate right click down choose an export

format and tap wrong to save it so after

processing here you got a new file in

landscape mode clears a laced from video

crop drag the new file you just got into

the problem and rotate again to the left

I will name it process the video file

export the file then we open the possess

two new files per se and enable

interacting room as you can see it now

works so that is how you fix well they

will not working issues if you have a

same problem with us take a try and tell

us how it works

thanks for watching