Enable Infinite Zoom on Your iPhone or iPad [How-To]

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hey what's up everybody its Dallas with

yaj attacks and today I'm gonna show you

how to get infinite zoom on iOS

now the Photos app on iOS usually has an

artificial zoom limit meaning you can

pinch to zoom up to a certain degree but

after that the picture snaps back to its

preset maximum zoom level but this means

you can't always zoom in far enough

especially when you're trying to look at

some tiny thing in the background of a

photo luckily though the folks at iOS

Guilbert Pro recently uncovered a simple

workaround for this well it's more like

a bug in the photo set the end result is

that you can zoom in as far as you like

so I'll take it so to try this out start

by opening any picture in your Photos

app from here press the edit button then

tap this crop / rotate icon near the

bottom of the screen next up just rotate

the image by either 90 or 270 degrees so

basically just have to rotate button

either once or three times once you're

finished there just press done and

you'll be ready to try out infinite zoom

so while you're still viewing this

rotated image just pinch to zoom to your

heart's content you can keep zooming in

indefinitely and then artificial limit

won't kick you back out one thing to

note though is that if you leave the

Photos app and come back to try this


the artificial zoom limit would be back

if that happens though just rotate the

image again you get infinite zoom right

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