[HowTo] Enlarge an Image while Preserving Quality (ZOOM-IN)

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hey guys this is fireworks tutorial if

you guys haven't already make sure to

check out my review yesterday I uploaded

a review on a case if you guys want to

if you have an iPod or something

interested in case review make sure to

check it out anyways here's a tutorial

on how you can enlarge an image without

losing too much quality so I found I've

actually been searching the web for a

good program that will do this and I

plan a pretty nice application that

allows you to do this I will put a link

in the description to this program and

all you do is extract download and

extract the program and just load up the

executable file in the folder so if

you've done everything properly you

should get a program that's like this it

should be called smilla and larger this

is by far the best program I've seen out

there and yes you can see right here

they give you an example picture where

you can zoom in right here okay so

anyways I'm gonna put in my own image I

found off Google and this is just like

an image of a sunset on a beach and you

guys can see that um the program looks

really simple so oh yeah I just wanted

to give you a quick overview on the left

you guys we see the source which is

obviously the original image and on the

right you guys will see a preview of how

it looks like when it's zoomed in okay

and then and then on the bottom you guys

will get a tab where you can get a kind

of a zoom toggle where you can zoom in

as much as you want and on the source

screen you guys will get a box as you

zoom in and you can move the box around

and then down here yes can change the

width and height of the image and on the

left side yes we'll get parameter this

is the important box where you are

allowed to change the sharpness and

settings of the image itself

alright so skin to this for example I'm

going to show you how it looks like when

I'm zoomed into this area right here on

the screen so for example is determine

on that tiny little rock over there in

the corner and you guys can see the

quality is pretty pixelated but what you

want to do is set the preview button

right here which is going to kind of

refresh the image the preview image and

you guys can see that is pretty amazing

quality for such an sumed an image

and now I'm gonna go to if you guys want

to change the setting a bit I'm gonna

change it and make it a bit sharper so

just set the sharp setting right here

and hit preview and yes can see the

quality didn't change much but yeah just

you guys if you mess around with these

settings enough the image will come out

pretty amazing and yes can also make

your own preset by clicking the new

button right here and just arranging the

presets and then once you're done once

you're satisfied with everything make

sure to hit the unlock and Save button

which will save you a copy of this image

now on the side you guys will also get a

tab right here on the right hand side

which is help if you guys have any you

know little questions that you want

answered make sure to check this out

before you ask a question you know

before you go crazy so make sure you

yeah check out the help tab though

that'll probably help you guys out a lot

anyways umm this is probably by far one

of the best image and larger I've seen

so yes have any that you guys like maybe

leave in the comments if I find any

better one I'll make sure to keep you

guys updated with it and I'm gonna show

you if you guys are like a bit hesitant

I'm gonna show you real quick right here

I'm going to click and drag this onto

Photoshop and I'm gonna zoom in on this

image right here onto the rock for those

that are probably like screaming at the

screen saying no it's not the best

Photoshop is so I'm gonna zoom in right

now and you guys can see I'm not zoomed

in as much as the smell and larger and

already it's pixelated as heck you guys

can see the pixels are huge on this

thing and it looks really ugly and yet

so yeah I do recommend the smell on

larger it's a great program it's no harm

since it is free so yeah make sure to

check it out and it's really small file

size you guys can drop it in a just a

small little flash drive carry it around

and use it on random laptops

oh whatever anyways this is make sure to

check out smell and larger one of the

best I've seen like I said many times

but thank you guys for watching this

video and hoped you guys enjoyed it and

I will be seeing you guys in my next