How to Use a Scissor Jack to Raise Your Car, Truck, or SUV

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in this video I'm going to show you how

to use a scissor jack as many different

types of scissor jacks you have this one

that has a groove right in the front and

a support right there

this one has another channel most of

them have channels this is an

interesting one now there'll be a spot

on the car where that piece is gonna go

another channel and then also bottle

jacks and be very similar so why do they

call this a scissor jack well simply

there's two pieces of metal here and

here and the same on the other side and

in the middle there's a threaded rod and

so like a pair of scissors when you

tighten this threaded rod it brings

these pieces together and it's gonna

open up just like that and as that opens

up the center of the jack it's gonna go

up just like that and to go down you

just unscrew the threaded rod and it

goes down you'll want to make sure your

cars in a good location you don't really

want to be on a hill you don't want to

be in the dirt you really want to be on

pavement so that it is safe make sure

you chalk the wheels either with a piece

of wood or find something to prevent the

wheels from turning when you're going up

and make sure you put your parking brake

on now these jacks are emergency use


they're only supposed to be for just to

get you out of a jam don't be doing any

weekend projects with these where you're

gonna replace the wheel bearing or a tie

rod or something like that they're just

for emergencies now on the side of the

jack some of them actually have a key

that shows you where you should place

the jack

and it says right on there don't have it

on a hill or anything same with this one

this one's a little bit better where you

should place it under the vehicle and

make sure you put the parking brake down

check your owner's manual if you're not

exactly sure and they normally come with


tool that's gonna work on the end of it

so you can raise it and lower it and

we're going to take the scissor jack and

just place it under the vehicle the

pinch weld is located right here and for

this vehicle there's two little tabs

right here and right here you want to be

in between those two tabs that's where

the strongest part is to lift this and

you will align that pinch weld up with

that groove watch your fingers when you

get close all right so that's lined up

on this side and it's also lined up on

the other side use the tool and tighten

it up as you can see it's gonna raise

the vehicle it takes a long time but

it's gonna be safer doing it this way

now if you were changing your tire you

would have wanted to loosen those lug

nuts up while the jack was still in the

ground and then you can take the tire

off swap the tire real quick you want to

work as quick as possible you don't want

the vehicle set up like this for too

long now to lower it are you just gonna

reverse it's the same as going up just

loosen up this screw

then just slide it up so you're gonna

want to lower this put it back the way

it was when you took it out and it's

always a good idea to put it back in the

location where you took it out so then

you know where it is and then you may

have a jack that looks like this and

it's gonna do the same thing you just

have to find the correct location on all

four of the corners of the vehicle where

that's gonna go and just raise the

vehicle again you're gonna want to chop

the wheels and put the parking brake on

do the exact same as the scissor jack

and the bottle jack is the same idea put

in the correct location just tighten it

up it's gonna go up raise the vehicle

and to lower it it was summed up I hope

this video helped you out whether you're

on the side of the road trying to figure

out how this works or whether you're

preparing for the worst if you enjoyed

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