How to Use an Instax Mini Camera

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you'll need your camera and your film at

the back of your camera there's a latch

pull the latch down and take the back

cover out you see my previous film still

inside and you're just going to have to

pull it out to like on the same way that

you took the back cover out so this is

how an MP film looks like this is the

inside of the camera the film packaging

the film cartridge the cartridge has a

yellow strip that you need to match on

the yellow strip of the camera and you

just push it in and it will snap in and

you close the back compartment make sure

that the film is put on properly you'll

see a yellow color in the hole and it

should say s on the film counter

before you use your camera make sure

that the back is completely shot

the yellow stripe is visible and there's

a letter S on the film counter and

that's the peephole for your eyes and

that's how it looks like there okay and

this is the selfie mirror for the Mini 8

plus and this is the shutter this is the

flash the shutter release button and the

people and this is the power button for

the camera the camera comes with a cute

polka dot strap and let's go try that

power button you'll notice is that the

lens sticks out when the camera is ready

there will be a red flashing light near

the people let's try the camera so

before you press this button make sure

that the film is free from blockage and

there you have it

the film cover will come out it's just

an empty film doesn't have anything it's

just the cover and the warning sign

after the film cover is out you will

notice that from the letter S it now

shows 10 which is out the default number

for the films in the cartridge let's try

the camera on this little guy there he


so cute now show me your animal

one-to-one by your face love so there

you have it it gives a good slash and

this is how it looks like when the film

is coming out the picture kind of faces

you avoid pulling the film out and just

wait for it and then you just have to

shake it shake it and laugh at you yeah

don't hold up the middle okay

just aside is it working oh I think you

can see thank you

so in less than a minute your picture is

showing and that's it shake a little bit

more there you have it thanks for

watching guys