How to Set Up iMac for Beginners | First time Mac users guide

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hey guys in today's video we're gonna be

setting up your brand new iMac the first

thing that we need to do is hook it up

some electricity so here's your power

cable that came with it that's gonna go

right here so we're gonna take this end

and plug it in through here

and there we go this we're just gonna

put this in some electricity so want to

show you here on the back is everything

that you guys need

so that's your internet USB C USB and

then here we have an SD card insert and

for your headphones right here on the

other side we have our power button so

when we're gonna turn on our iMac we

took the press the power button right

here on the left hand side of your mat

so in order to turn on your Mac here on

the backside of your Mac you will see a

button that's on this side the other

side we have all those connections it's

right here just gonna press and then

it's gonna turn on now before we turn on

your Mac you do have to turn on your key

where right here so on the top you're

gonna see this slider and to turn on

your keyboard all you guys have to do is

like this and it's supposed to be green

so once you guys see that green this has

been turned on to charge it up oh yes

just plug this in this cable that came

which is the same thing as an I think it

where I pad cable into your keyboard and

then this end to your Mac to turn on

your trackpad or Mouse it's the same

thing we will have a slider right here

we're just going to slide that and you

guys will see that it's screen once it's

green means that it's turned on in

you're good to go in order to charge

this right here all you guys need is the

same thing your cable so your cable it's

very similar actually it's the same one

as the one that you guys would get an

iPhone iPad so you just plug it in right


this end will go to your Mac and you

guys can fully charge it up however

right now the years were just getting

started with your Mac there's no need to

charge they have sufficient charge in

order to get started now we're gonna go

ahead and turn it on remember that your

buttons on this side on the left hand

side just press it and then just wait

for an Apple logo to load up now as your

Apple logo just put it up is the first

screen you're gonna select so we're

gonna go ahead and select English as a

first language up there or you guys can

choose any other language for this

matter so as long as that selected we're

good to go

we can just press Enter or return key on

our keyboard then we're gonna see this

screen where it says welcome to select

your country can be any country we're

gonna select continue and now we have to

get up to our Wi-Fi network so I'm gonna

look for my current Wi-Fi network I

wanted to be YouTube tech and design

perfect when I put in my passcode it's

very important that you guys have

internet through the setup you will need

an upright D in order for your Mac to be

registered under your name we're just

gonna hit on continue and this is the

most important part for most of you now

some of you may have a Mac from before

so the best way to transfer information

is using time machine so it's a very

first option up here Time Machine it's

just using an external hard drive I do

have a separate video showing you guys

how to transfer your old information

from your other iMac into this new iMac

or even a macbook pro into this new iMac

don't want transfer anything or you're

brand new try Mac you would choose don't

transfer any information so we're just

gonna do that and here comes the part

about your Apple ID it's very important

that you guys create an Apple ID if you

don't have one you do not need a credit

card so don't worry about that and you

guys can enter your Apple ID right now

if you already have one of course if you

guys don't really don't want to just set

up later

and forget about it for now however I

want to register this iMac to my Apple

ID and I want to get everything that I

can experiment right here can download

apps and I can get a lot of stuff plus

all my contacts and stuff won't transfer

on just from using my Apple ID once I

put in a password it will just go next

and then it's gonna ask me for this if I

want to do that in this case I do not

now your emails supposed to be up there

just make sure it's the correct email

this is up to you guys I do suggest

using two-factor but in this case I will

not down here below we don't have to

agree so let's just click right there

again we're gonna have to agree just

click up there from here just feeling

all the information if you guys want to

take out the password later on we can so

a lot of people don't like to have to

put their password every time since just

have it at home and you use it so we can

take that out later on but for now we

will have to put in a passcode so down

here you guys can see that it says allow

my app ID to reset Spence

you guys can put a checkmark there or

just take it off it's up to you guys if

you want to reset it just in case you

forget once you fill in that information

just going to continue and it's gonna

set up our iCloud in this case you have

to make sure you're still sending to the

app ID that you want to that's gonna be

up here and then we're gonna see this

Express set up I suggest just going to

express it up you don't really need to

customize your settings but you can if

you want to just by clicking down there

we're just gonna go on to continue now

here's this part you don't need to share

this but I always like to share with

developers so they can improve Apple so

I'm gonna hit on continue this part is

all about screen time so in this case I

would suggest doing screen time if you

have kids or anything like that because

you guys can set up a lot of

restrictions around this or if you want

to measure how much screen time you are

on your rack go ahead and set this up

sure however if by this your personal

Mac you're just gonna use it for work or

whatever and you're only careful not

telling you how much you used it or

setting up any privacy then go ahead and

just set up later so I'm gonna click up

here set up later screen time and Siri

Siri set up is the same if you guys have

an iPhone or iPad we will be able to ask

Siri things so we can enable Siri down

here just make sure you have a checkmark

and go ahead and continue now you can

choose to share your audio recordings or

not now so it depends if you guys want

to share that in for or not for me it

would be no I'm gonna go ahead don't

continue okay this part is very

important because a lot of you may not

want to pay for iCloud drive and now

we'll get filled up very very fast if

you guys have these check marks on so

I'm gonna suggest taking these check

marks off if you guys were already

paying for iCloud Drive then sure you

guys can store documents in your iCloud

drive and because you only guys only get

5 gigs free other than that you will

have to pay so I was just just taking

those off for pictures for example we

have Google photos which you can store

them for free

see that necessary and for files well if

you want to get them online sure I guess

but I would suggest just looking into

prices of others and then just comparing

what you want this is your personal

preference so right now it's a big deal

between light-dark and auto so what you

guys mostly want is light for those of

you who like that classic look other

than that dark for me I like dark

especially because it changes everything

to dark and I just like the way that

looks so right now you guys could see I

change the dark however to make this

video it's actually easier to make it

and leave it up light we can change this

whenever we want in System Preferences

later on and it's very easy so I'm gonna

go ahead and continue on right now it's

just setting up our Mac so congrats guys

you are done setting up your Mac right

now we can go ahead and start using our

Mac now remember that I do have separate

videos showing you guys a quick manual

of your Mac so if you're pregnant WiMAX

or MacBook Pros or anything Mac related

there's a manual that I have for you to

follow other than that we are done our

setup you guys can go ahead it started

enjoy your Mac that's it for this video

if you guys have any comments questions

you guys can write down here in comments

area don't forget scribe and rate thank