How to Properly Use a Hydraulic Car Jack

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so this fell off my wife's car so I have

to put it back on but the purpose of

this video is to show you how to

properly Jack a car with a car jack and

right here I have a two-ton car jack and

I'm going to show you what places to put

it in and how to prepare your car for it

so you want to make sure your car is in

a flat area which it is you want to make

sure that when you are jacking the part

of the car up let's say this is the

front passenger side you want to have

the back over across the car the back

driver's side will secure so if you're

stuck out on the road and yet the jack

your car up to with a tire

make sure you put some rocks or

something in there to wedge the tire

even though you are in park you always

want to do a second option to protect

yourself so just make sure the absolute

wheel is protected in with that piece

that fell off that I showed you earlier

it allowed this thing to come down and

scrape the gun to the ground when you

were going about 30 miles or above so

I'm actually going to place this the

jack right here under the car on this

metal part it's right behind the wheel

so it should be sturdy enough and we're

going to go ahead and get the process

started for those of you who haven't

used a jack before when you first buy

one you actually have to put oil in it

to make it operate and then as you put

oil in it and let all the air out you

just go like that to bring it up and to

bring it back down you just loosen this

bolt right here and then tighten it back

up and so you're ready to put it up

again so I have the jack directly below

the spot and one thing to make sure when

you buy a jack or you are looking to use

one make sure that it's going to first

go under the car in second that it's

going to raise above it or raise the

collar up to high enough and mine's a

five I think a five and a half to 13

inches so it'll go up to

from the base of the wheel to the top of

the platform it'll go to 13 inches so

we're just going to Jack it up here so

right now the wheel is only about an

inch to 2 inches off the ground so

that's all I need it to get my screw gun

and hand and head underneath there so

all you have to do to after your let's

say I've done fixing the vehicle take

the handle out and then twist this knob

to the left kind of loosen it and it

will lower the jack slowly thank you for