HP Photosmart e-All-in-One Wireless Printer Review

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well there's one technology that's been

in our homes for a number of years and

that is our printer today we're going to

show you one from Hewlett Packard that's

actually kept up with the times it's

their HP Photosmart e-all-in-one printer

and it's an all-in-one printer meaning

that it has the ability to scan

documents it's also obviously a printer

you can also make copies of things but

this one has the ability to connect to

the internet and I don't mean connect to

the internet through your computer but

as a standalone printer it has its own

email account with its own email address

and when you email this device it will

actually print whatever it is that

you've emailed it which makes it really

easy to connect devices without having

to load drivers well that's kind of a

neat thing everything is so connected

now whether we're looking at like a

Blackberry or an iPhone or even things

like tablet computers and iPads and

that's the nice feature you don't have

to worry about the drivers anymore as

long as you've got that unique email

address for the particular printer you

can actually email photos that you've

taken with your smartphone or entire

documents whether they're office

documents PDFs or any type of picture as

well another really neat thing because

it is a web connected printer is that it

has something called

apps so we've all heard of apps now

we're using them on our smartphones like

BlackBerry's and iPhones well now you

can get apps for your HP Photosmart

printer and these are really kind of

cool and I like it because it really

makes things a lot simpler you can see

on the full-color screen here all I have

to do is scroll over to the apps icon

hit OK and then I've got a number of

apps or applications that's what they're

short for and I can do things like get

the Yahoo news I can print out my

calendar and this is a great thing for

kids there's all sorts of different

crafts that you can get as well that you

can print out and keep them busy with

and just going back to that each

printing feature I mean that thing

really is revolutionary for me this is

kind of the the first real big

innovation in printers that I've seen in

a long time

so I've got an email on my iPad right

now and I want to print out the

attachment so what I basically do is I

forward that email with the attachment

and I'm just going to type in the secret

email address I have I'm going to show

you and presto cos Inga I basically send

that and now it's going over the

Internet to the printer this printer

isn't hooked up to a computer right now

which is kind of a cool thing that's

right and you don't have to worry about

someone sending you a whole bunch of

spam to this printer and having all that

stuff waste all your ink because it

actually has standard spam filters built

into it so I shared my email address for

my printer with Mike and now if he wants

to print anything to my printer it's as

easy as just doing that and you know the

important thing is the print quality is

fabulous as well so what are you doing

any type of office documents or any of

these crafts or photos you're going to

get the super high quality that's one

thing HP is actually known for well what

I want to do now is actually talk to one

of our friends her name's Taylor Stokes

who's used the ePrint err and has a

really great story for us so tell her

first thanks for coming on the show

thank you very much for having me I know

you've been using this particular

all-in-one for a little while what are

some of your favorite aspects of it I do

use a printer a lot with work I would

say my favorite part of this particular

printer is being able to have the recipe

app I cook in bake a lot so it's great

to be able to just go right to the

printer and print out recipes and it

just makes it really easy to to make

dinner really quickly

well it's nice because it gives you some

great meal ideas just kind of about the

clicking avoid ads and so I brought you

on the show cuz you had a really

interesting story one of your friends

lives far away and just had a new baby

that's right yeah it's really great she

lives in Toronto so we don't get to see

each other as often as we'd like and she

did just have a new baby and it's great

because she is able to print right to my

printer from her iPhone so she takes

pictures of her baby and sends him right

to my printer and first thing in the

morning I'm able to wake up to pictures

and post them on my wall which is really

great well these are great yeah and this

kind of neat so you basically gave her

the email address to your printer and

she can just send these whenever she'd

like exactly so it's such a great

surprise and so I got asked this

question aren't you ever worried about

crazy people sending stuff to your

printer I'm not worried about crazy

people no because I have I can give my

email address to whoever I want so

friends and family if I do if somebody

gets a hold of it by accident I'm able

to easily blacklist that person so I can

block them or I can actually just change

my email address all together what a

fantastic story thanks very much for

coming on the show thank you

Taylor Stokes talking about the ePrint

feature of the HP Photosmart

e-all-in-one if you want some more

information you can always go to our

website triple double you get connected

mediacom or you can also visit the HP

site at HP CA