Using the Hot Tub

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using the hot tub you'll notice that

there's this cable across it with a lock

we use this to keep wild animals fares

for example from getting in to the hot

tub so let me show you how to unlock the


it's an unusual lock that has letters on

you'll see here it looks something like

this will give you the combination this

is not it

but you want to align the this Ridge on

the edge of the lock on each side with

the combination and these these guys

spin around so if the combination was 0

la NZ then this is the configuration

that you would put in and then pulling

the lock would open it so I will open

the lock there we are

and now opening the hot tub it's pretty

easy we have this lifter on it if you

just leave the lock in place fall back

and that's this section is wrong it's

pretty easy the controls are all here in

this panel to increase the temperature

just press the temperature up button now

I'm going to leave it low for now we

would like you to set this to 80 when

you leave but when you arrive if you'd

like to warm it up you can set it up to

100 operating the Jets is pretty


you keep pressing this button until the

Jets do what you want I think there's

four settings there's also this light

setting that turns on lights and you can

set the dimness of it with this button

there's I think four settings off and

then three brightnesses the lights will

rotate through colors so let me leave

those on and I'll run through the

different jet speeds

see the little waterfall

it again and we have all four Jets


again we have the alternates and again

we're back to off there's some other

controls to point out these around the

edge are for adjusting the pressure at

each corner and this control here is to

adjust how much water goes through the

waterfall the last thing to point out is

the chlorinator which is over there Bob

in the corner you can leave that in or

you can take it out while you're in the

hot tub if you have any problems please

call the phone number that's on the

fridge and otherwise enjoy oh I'll show

you how to close this guy back up so

make sure to picture and I'll turn off

floats you wiggle it around a little to

make sure that it's snug and then just

walk it back together and spin the

combination you don't need to move whole

watts to keep the Bears out