Minecraft Hoppers Tutorial for MCPE & Bedrock! 1.16+

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hello everyone I'm animus J and welcome

back to another minecraft video today we

are going to be going over hoppers we're

gonna talk about what hoppers do how to

use them and what all of their quirky

little quirks are and by the way this is

a tutorial meant for Minecraft bedrock

editions most of it will apply to Java

Edition as well however there is a few

small things that will not behave the

same and so bedrock edition covers

Minecraft Pocket Edition Windows 10

edition any of the consoles such as a

Playstation 4 switch Xbox all of those

wonderful things so on the very basic

level what a hopper is is something that

will pick up items that are dropped into

it and then it will also transfer set

items into another storage item going a

little bit beyond this they will also

pull items out of storage items such as

a chess and then they will transfer them

along as well if they have something to

transfer them into now also with that

being said a hopper being that it is

itself a form of storage will output a

comparator signal in comparison to how

many other slots are filled with how

many items if you want to know more

detailed information about that you can

check out my video on what is a

comparator how does a comparator work in

Minecraft now in regards to placing them

depending on which Edition you're

playing on or rather which console or

Pocket Edition whatever you're playing

on you place it by just using your

normal place button like you would place

any kind of a block there is an

exception to this however for example if

I want to face my hopper into a chest

then I need to hold sneak and then place

it because if I just try to place it on

the chest like so it's going to open the

chest by holding sneak and then placing

it it allows me to place it into the

chest now on that subject you can see

that my hopper is now well it looks like

it's bent to a 90-degree you see if I

just place a hopper on the ground on a

normal block it's going straight down

it's funneling straight down this funnel

indicates the direction that your items

are going to travel this hopper is going

to try to travel the items down into the

block below it doesn't matter if there's

a chest right next to it it's going to

travel downward because that is the

direction that we have placed it since

there is no reception underneath it it's

just going to hold that item this hopper

on the other hand is facing that chest

so when I throw an item into that hopper

it feeds it into the chest whether the

chest is there or not does not matter it

is going to face that way permanently

because that is the direction that

you've placed it so as I've already

mentioned the hopper can push items into

any kind of a storage type block chest

other hoppers that sort of a thing we're

gonna get more into that later on but

what you can also do rather than

directly fitting it by one hut is you

can actually change your hoppers and so

now this hopper is going to feed into

this hopper which is going to then feed

into this chest now likewise I can also

stack my hoppers vertically like so

holding sneak placing them onto one

another and you can see by the direction

of my funnel that this one is going to

travel down and then down and then over

and then over into the chest so by

placing this sandstone into there we end

up with it in the chest now one quirky

thing about vertical hoppers is that

they don't actually have to be facing

the one below it so if I place this one

into the wall and place this one into

the wall it looks like they are going to

try to feed into this block but the

difference is that a hopper will pull

from a storage item above it whether

it's being fed or not

so this hopper will call this hopper

number two sees hopper number one as

though it were just a normal chest a

normal chest does not push items it only

holds them and so in this case hopper

number one is only holding the item

except that hopper number two is going

to pull it from there so if we do the

same experiments again you can see even

though hopper number one and two are

facing the wall they still fed the item

all the way into the chest

with that being said it's time to

introduce a new feature of hoppers that

we're able to interact with due to the

fact that they can act as both storage

and also as a push/pull device when that

is redstone redstone stops hoppers from

passing their items on or from pulling

items down depending on how you have

them oriented so being that hopper

number one and hopper number two are

both facing into the wall right now they

are both technically acting as storage

systems which means that when I drop an

item into the top hopper it stays in the

top hopper because hopper number two is

not behaving as a normal hopper it is

deactivated by the redstone that is next

to it now it does not have to be a

redstone block it can be any kind of

active redstone signal with a lever with

redstone with buttons with anything else

that creates a positive redstone signal

now in this case we're not just locking

hopper number two we're also

simultaneously locking hopper number

four down here now these are going

horizontally which means they are

chained and facing into each other which

is the only way to pass items

horizontally with hoppers but if I put

an item into this first one you can see

it does go into the next hopper however

it does not pass on from that and that

is because when a hopper is pointing

into another hopper it will feed that

item regardless so this one is pointing

into the chest however it is locked and

so it will not pass the items on let's

look at what happens if we do that with

our vertical hoppers if we place hopper

number one pointing and feeding directly

into hopper number two hopper number two

does not have a choice whether or not to

receive from hopper number one because

we are now pushing from hopper number

one understand I'm trying to emphasize

the difference between pushing and

pulling sometimes a hopper pushes based

on the funnel direction and other times

it only pulls if it has one above it

that is not necessarily pushing into it

I hope that makes sense

so let's drop our lever into the top one

and we check the top one to see it is in

fact empty whereas hopper number two is

now also empty so what happened there

here is our lever caught up in hopper

number four so the fact that hopper

number two is locked or deactivated

does not matter because hopper number

three is not deactivated which means it

can still pull from this hopper up here

and this hopper number one is pushing

into hopper number two meaning it does

not care either

if hopper number two is deactivated or

not so the only way vertically to lock

hoppers is to have the hopper above the

one that you're locking not be feeding

directly into it for example if I were

to do a vertical hopper or excuse me a

horizontal hopper next to this one we

can see it has still passed because we

have fed it we have pointed our funnel

to it which means this hopper is saying

I don't know what you are and I don't

care what you are I'm giving you my item

and then this hopper is well empty

because it was forced to receive the

item and hopper number three said I

don't care what you are I'm not locked

so I'm pulling it opera number four

still being a good boy on the other hand

has stored all of the items for us and

will not pass them on because the

horizontal push cannot be done since it

is locked and it has nothing next to it

pulling it due to this push-pull

behavior we can do stacked storage

systems with hoppers where you point the

hopper directly into each of the chests

using sneak and place like we discussed

earlier and as you can see each of these

hoppers is in fact pointing their funnel

into their appropriate chest and so what

happens if I drop a piece of redstone

into it you will see that the redstone

does not end up in the top chest like

you would think because the funnel is

pointing into the chest it should push

it into the chest however hoppers will

prioritize a second hoppers pull over

their own push and so what actually

ended up happening is

redstone dust came down here to the

bottom let's quickly take a look at what

happens if we lock one of the hoppers in

our vertical stack so before if I put

the redstone dust into the top hopper it

fed all the way down because the top

hopper got pulled from the second hopper

because we prioritize pulling over

pushing when it comes to stacked hoppers

and it ended up in the bottom chests you

can see however that this is not the

case because going back to what we just

discussed hopper number two is

deactivated now what happened before

when hopper number two was deactivated

is hopper number one held the item

however hopper number one is funneling

into a chest which means it's not going

to hold that item it's going to pass it

so we passed our redstone

into the chest that is pointing into by

locking the hopper below it and this is

how item sorting systems work now if our

bottom chest finally becomes full

although this one is technically not

full what I'm going to do is give it a

unique item and so basically if I were

to try to put in an iron block it has

nowhere to go

because there are no slots empty or

available for another iron block so

what's going to happen now as we place

it in you'll see is it's going to

actually be held in the bottom hopper it

can't feed the item into the chest and

so it's going to hold it on its own if

we continue to fill up that hopper with

items until it is completely full and

has no room for anything more what will

then happen when you feed in your next

item for instance that hopper it is now

going to stop at this hopper recognizing

there's no room in here unless it were

an iron block that could stack here and

then we start filling up the second

chest and so that system will continue

going on with every single hopper and

every single chest until finally and

eventually your top chest will be full

moving back to the concept of redstone

we have the traps chest

although the trapped chest is a normal

chest and it will have items pulled from

a hopper when we look at the behavior of

a normal chest and we put this iron

block in you can see it instantly

disappears because the hopper below it

removed it from the chest in the case of

a trapped chest trapped chest actually

give off a redstone signal so if we put

a piece of redstone here and a lamp

watching the lamp on the side of the

screen when I open the chest you can see

our lamp has turned on and that is

because while the chest is open while

they trapped chest is open it is giving

a positive redstone signal when the

chest closes the signal goes away

because of that fact what it does is it

locks any hopper that is touching the

chest which means that this hopper that

should pull items from the chest cannot

do so when said chest is open so my

items will sit here in this chest until

I close it and then they will disappear

because the items were allowed to flow

out this makes using trapped chests

perfect for systems like garbage

disposals because I can dump all of my

items to the chest and then realize that

oh I didn't mean to throw my

super-awesome sort of destiny away and I

can pull it out and then close the chest

and allow the items to start flowing in

this doesn't just apply to taking items

from the chest it also applies to items

going into the chest so if I put a stack

of chests into this hopper you can see

they are flowing down however if I open

the traps chest we stop where it was no

items are going to flow into this traps

chest until I close it again because the

redstone signal will have been cut off

and so now we can see they are flowing

again if I reopen it we now have 16 vs.

a 7 we had before and it will hold this

way again until I close the chest again

now we already discussed that when an

object is thrown into or dropped into a

hopper it will be picked up by it but

you can also pick one up over incomplete

blocks and what I mean by that is a

block that does not occupy a full space

such as a slab a trapdoor and also you

can use mine carts with hoppers or mine

carts with chests and anything that they

are can

painting will be eaten up by the hopper

the hopper will pull from the hopper

minecart or from the hopper chest cart

without any kind of special rail or

anything so whether it's a powered rail

detector rail activator etc etc so long

as there is a hopper below it the

minecart will feed into that hopper any

of its contents now there are a whole

bunch of other blocks that you can pull

from using hoppers which enables you to

hide your blocks however you have to be

careful with some things such as the top

half slab because what it does is it

allows the hopper to believe that this

is a full block essentially above it and

it will not eat the item any other kind

of incomplete block will do it so long

as the item is sitting inside of this

block space so if you imagine the space

that this red block is occupying this

red glass this is the space that your

item must be inside of if your item is

capable of falling inside of this zone

then your hopper will take it this means

if for some reason I were to place an

ugly diorite wall and then put an item

beside it it did go into the hopper

however if I land an item on top of it

it does not and that is because we can

see that our item is not occupying the

space directly above the hopper

there is one exception to this and that

is the hopper minecart the hopper

minecart will pull items from the block

above so going back to our red class

zone any item that falls within of the

space that this red glass is occupying

will be picked up from this hopper so if

I throw something up on here above it

nothing happens if I break the glass

allowing its have fall into the space

that the glass is occupying you can see

that our hopper minecart picked it up

and then our hopper below picked it up

as well there is one exception to this

role in Minecraft bedrock edition

currently and that is the composter

although you can throw something into

the composter and it is actually

occupying the block space that all the

other hoppers were able to pick up items

through for some reason the composter

does not allow those items to pass into

the bottom hopper composters are capable

of receiving items so long as they are

the type of items and a

composter can interact with so if I put

these saplings in here you can see that

the saplings begin to fill up the

composter and eventually it will turn

into bone meal and you can see our bone

meal did end up down here with our

diorite wall from earlier so moving into

interactions with certain items first

we're going to discuss any kind of a

furnace which includes blast furnaces

smokers all of those kinds of things the

way that they work is a hopper

underneath will always pull from the end

product slot so anything that ends up in

here will always pull in or push into

the bottom hopper now the only way to

fill the cooking slot is through a

hopper on the top there is no other

angle or side of the furnace that will

do that in Minecraft bedrock addition so

if I put my chicken up here you can see

the chicken comes into that slot to be

cooked you have to be careful though

because if I put anything else in there

say a music disc it will go to that slot

however it will never cook of course and

it will sit there permanently ruining

your smelter in order to get fuel into

your fuel spot you can put a hopper into

any other side of your furnace or

whichever item you're using for cooking

etc and it will feed into that fuel slot

so I can put coal into the front of it

and you can see that it puts coal into

the coal spot putting it into the side

the other side and also the back we'll

all put items into your fuel slot in

regards to our brewing stands it's very

similar the way to feed items into your

recipe spot is to put a hopper on top so

if I throw a bunch of puffer fish into

the top hopper you can see that they

will feed down into my recipe slot now

understand that this will constantly

feed only this recipe which means that

if I wanted to feed different kinds of

things into my brewing stand say I

wanted to do first a puffer fish and

then I wanted to do a redstone I would

have to put them in in that order so now

we've started with a puffer fish when

it's done next we'll be fed the Redstone

in regards to filling up the fuel

location on your brewing stand you just

need to go off of the side puttin blaze

powder into the side of the brewing

stand will feed it into your fuel slot

having a hopper underneath your brewing

stand however is a little bit

problematic in that when you've put your

water bottles into the spot to be cooked

well they go directly into the hopper

the hopper does not wait for your items

to be finished because it doesn't know

how many items you're going to cook so

it pulls them regardless the way to get

around this is to lock the bottom hopper

with a bit of redstone allow your items

to prepare appropriately and then when

they're done you remove the redstone and

allow your hopper to pull the items if

you need further instructions on a

tutorial on that well I don't have one

but I'm sure there are many wonderful

tutorials and maybe by the time that

you're watching this there might be

something popping up in the right-hand

corner on a tutorial about how to do

that who knows then we have music discs

with jukeboxes if I put a music disc

into the top one you can see our music

has started and it did not push into the

bottom hopper we put it into the side we

get the same result


and if we check our hopper when the

music disc is done there it is so if you

wait for your music disc to play

completely out you can take it from the

hopper below and through some kind of

magical means you could actually feed it

back in and get it playing once again

lastly we're going to cover the ender

chest and we have an entire tutorial on

ender chest on the channel probably a

little red arrow popping up in the right

corner right now showing you where to

view that tutorial just so you know it

is a ridiculous tutorial it is meant to

kind of make fun of mumbo-jumbo who has

many times confused the operation of n

Ches but in any case when you put items

into a hopper they do not feed into your

N chest nor can you put a hopper

underneath items underneath your N chest

and take items out of it so that is it

for this tutorial guys hopefully all of

that makes sense to you try to break it

down as easily as possible

I tried not to over complicate things at

the same time if you enjoyed it make

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my redstone tutorials hopefully they can

help you out they seem to be answering a

lot of people's questions and getting a

lot of comments about how simple they

explain things and how easy things are

to understand in the way that I break

them down hopefully they can do the same

for you that's it for today though I'm

animus J I'll see you in the next video