How To Use Your Hoover Steam Vac And Review

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if you land it on this video I'm gonna

show you guys how to use the Hoover back

steam cleaner real quick I spent three

hours and I'm making this video so you

don't have to all right let me show you

the quick quickest things you need to

know about this is your water tank right

here to release the water tank and all

these models are pretty much the same if

yours doesn't release there at least

this video will help you in other ways

but it should because they're pretty

much all the same like I said alright

unscrew this pop that out this thing

actually has a little graph over here

it's really really hard to see they

could have made it better I guess you

can't see it from there but if you're

gonna fill your tank up all the way make

sure you use hot water and there's the

hot water line right there fill it all

the way up with hot water right there

and then take some of your solution that

is two times the thickness so fill it

all the way up to right here and then

spill it in there with your hot water

shut this and you turn it make sure it

lives on there real good and then you

pick this in right here and see what's

happening is this little valve right

here the washer is blocking on to that

section there so you need to make sure

that it locks in right what you do is

put the bottom in first and you'll feel

it like clicking ok got that click then

next is your dirty water tank and in

order to get to that area you need to

release the handle and tilt this back

sorry I'm doing the one-handed all right

got that tilted back right there now you

can get into your water tank on the side

here are some clips you got one on each

side and the cool thing is about this

they've made the same model for about 20

years and it's pretty much basic and it

works good okay so right here you got

your it actually says um lid detachment

so you're actually there's a little like

back there a little lever right there

you're pulling that up to get that up

and to put the to put this attachment on

what you're doing here is just flipping

this up and if you're not gonna use the

attachment you would lock the lid right

back on

down there and these little clips right

here in the front there's two of them

one here and one over here and what

they're doing is clip it onto these

things so you're gonna tilt it back like

that and it should lock in place that's

locked in place right now the vacuum is

ready for scrubbing your carpet without

the attachment in order to make this

work you have to pull this out pull that

up and this has to be out in order to

use no attachments and then lock that

back in place but and over here you got

power scrub that's really strong gentle

and you get full pickup which is just I

think the bristles don't turn if they do

they're very very slow

here's that that's all the way there to

the attachment order to get this the old

models used to this used to come out and

used to have to try to make sure you

don't lose the darn thing but that's

pretty cool that they made this stay on

so lose it all right trying to do this

with one hand like I said it's not easy

sorry for the shaky Hey you haven't

bought a Hoover steam back or if you did

you still have your receipt and yours

doesn't have this go return it go get

this one that has this this thing is

amazing I had to add this part in here

um check this out it's really got some

power the thing spins for you what a

lifesaver check this out and try to

record with one hand

I'm pushing down really hard and this

thing is not slowing down

so if you don't have one of these are

not able to dress together is awesome

have to really break a sweat anymore

I own the Bissell before this and it

clogged up on me after probably like the

third or fourth months maybe five times

they use this thing I should have never

switched I had a Hoover before that went

to Bissell now back to Hoover I will

never go back I'm gonna give this thing

five stars just because of that I was

already gonna give it five stars but

this thing is amazing if you haven't

gotten one of these go get you one of

these I got in on for about

130 bucks and it wasn't much things

amazing that's all I'm sure when you do

put this in you have to push all the way

down there's these two little Clips

right here they actually have to lock

over because if this is not locked in

place very well you won't get good

suction okay so you just slide this

right there back to where we warm trends

as quick as I can for you guys that's

locked in place now you're ready to use

your your little hand tool and that's it

it's pretty much basic but like I said

it took me a while to try to figure the

thing out I hope this video helps you

all I ask is click a thumbs up that's it

thanks a lot