How To Easily Program a Honeywell Thermostat

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hello everybody

today I'm going to be showing you how to

program the Honeywell 2300 be

programmable thermostat by default this

thing comes programs with a predefined

set time and temperature for each of the

set scheduled periods and what I mean by

the set schedule periods is there's four

of them you have you have a week time

set scheduled period they leave a return

and then asleep and I'll show you those

right now it was pretty straightforward

every day so first thing you have to do

this thing is gonna be blanketed with

little batteries in it it's gonna say 12

a.m. so you're gonna want to set the

time on this bad boy so all you do is

click this button so you have set she

said yeah so just click set it's a set

time you're such a desire time and you

do that by either pressing up or down

what sucks about this is you can't do

either hours ended minutes you have to

do the whole the whole set whether it's

a.m. or p.m. you have to get all the way

up to the a.m. the change of time but it

is what it is and it goes pretty fast if

you hold the button down so so once you

get your design your time you lock that

in by hitting set again then it goes to

the day you such a day same way up down

once you get your day you're lacking it

by pressing set then this is where you

get to your set scheduled time periods

in temperature settings so right now as

you can see we're on the wake set

schedule so this basically means is when

you you want to set your time to either

the temperature up or down depending if

you're in heat or AC I'm in heat only

meet but at a certain time you want your

temperature to come out automatically or

go up for me at 6:30 in the morning

I want my temperature to start going

increasing up to 70 degrees right so we

do that by so times blinks when you

change your time and it changes in

fifteen minute intervals so goes to five

seven so fifteen etc so to hit your

desired every time you wake up it would

be fine thirty five fifteen but you can

set at that point

so for me is 6:30 and then once you get

your time you hit set again that's like

your enter if you might know compute if

you don't compute offset it's like your

enter so at this point you set your

temperature you see the temperatures

blinken said whatever temperature you

want at that time I'm good at 70 degrees

that's perfect for me I don't get out of

the bed cold treble-winning on good

stuff so I like 70 degrees so I'm gonna

lock that bad boy in and then it goes to

the next time well the next the next set

period which is the leave it's the time

that you leave your house and you want

your temperature to go down if you want

to save electricity or save heating

bills save oil whatever need be so it's

the same exact steps that we just did

for a week you do your time then you do

temperature time and then temperature

printer time temperature set i said

enter blood right you get it you know

what I mean

so for me I set mine to 8:30 and again

you either hit up or down is

straightforward and telling you this so

easy so then you lock that in got that

time in good for me I wanted to be about

67 degrees so it's not too close that's


it's like just a good time a good a good

degrees a good temperature in here when

I'm gone my TV doesn't need to be hot

but here we go

lock that in and then you have to return

the time you come home so come home

around 4:30

I want the temperature to kick up

especially right now in these New

England winters it's freaking freezing


so you wanted to come into a nice cozy

house but you know when we saw your

energy electricity so I had my set for

4:30 and again it's the same thing time

temperature time temperature enter or

set so I'm good at 4:30 this guy good at

7:00 70 degrees

and then I hit my sleep time so I like

to sleep nice and cold one cuddle with

my wife like like to just feel the cold

leg and then a warm letting Colette that

feels good together I want to be all

sticky on my leg to leg crime and

everything sticky my leg to leg sticky

crime that's just nasty so keep it nice

and cool in a house that night

good we have covers and kids like it

cold they like being high the way he

likes being hot so like to be

comfortable so 62 degrees in New England

and here in Connecticut is a good

temperature for us so I want my heat

with the go from 70 I wanted to start

creeping down to 62 degrees or just just

at least turn the heat on so we can be

comfortable by the time we go to bed at

8 o'clock 8:30 whenever we come wherever

we just decide to crash but once I got

that I got my time got my temperature

remember time temperature time

temperature lock it in there once you

have everything on set you want to like

the holes you want to like the whole

schedule in there all you have to do is

click run done

you can override or temporarily override

the set temperature on this thermostat

if you want you can do this by either

hand up or down so right now my set

sleep scheduled degrees or temperature

is gonna be 62 degrees

I can overwrite that temporarily by I'll

say say 75 so you see it says temporary

and the he should cut on in a second

there it is he just turned on so

basically what that does is it told this

thermostat hey I don't want you to go

down to seven 62 degrees during my sleep

mode I want you to increase this heat up

to 73 degrees

however it's gonna stay like that so

until it hits the next set scheduled

period which will be the wake so a six

forty five or six thirty rad time I had

that 6:30 a.m. this guy is gonna set

that start going down to 70 degrees and

that's what happens with the temporary

degrees it only lasts until it goes to

the next set scheduled period which you

know that kind of sucks but it is what

it is so if you want to negate the

temporary you just hit run it puts you

right back into the programming state

see I'm in sleep mode at that you see

I'm gonna go down to 62 degrees alright

now if you want to actually lock that

temperature in so when it hits the next

set said I can't say that faster next

set scheduled period which will be wake

it will hold it and and hold it I'll

check this out

just the desired temperature all right

with that kick in or you may like to

kick it and all you got to do is set it

set it to 75 and then hit hold just

gonna lock it in there playing a simple

easy nothing else to do

now he's gonna increase it 75 when you

wanted to gate it or cancel it out all

you have to do is hit run and you set it

back back to the program schedule done

now look

just break back down to the set schedule

I can't my Heat going on I know I've

played around with this day but that's

it now four guys at our old school or

girls that are always good I just wanted

to get a thermostat just to do

thermostat type things like increase the

heat or increase the increase your AC or

turn the AC down or turn the heat down

just simply by pressing these buttons

this is what you do you have to you have

to cancel out the set program schedules

remember this thing comes with a

predefined set of default program time

and temperature so it's very simple now

check this out you cannot do anything

about the week the wake is the week and

just such a time and schedule for the

week and you're good but everything else

you can negate and this is how you do it

so you come to your set you get past

your time and day so your time your a

day see the date blinking for Tuesday

then now you're at the wake

at what time wake temperature now we're

gonna leave set we're gonna leave set

schedule so what we do to negate this

thing pretty much zero and ours is we

press the hold button we hold it down

for like four or five seconds let's come

let's actually see how many seconds this

is so ready go 1 2 3 3 and some change

boom this is what you get you get it to

zero so you lock that in by pressing set

again you get to your next one return

and again is to again 1 2 3 I didn't get

to say 4 zeroed it out we'll do it again

2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 let's hope they dip

it alright there we go so that's what

happens this zeros out and then like I

never head and set you come back to wait

and then you block the whole program in

by pressing run done that's it

and now you can usually go in here to

modify your temperature to wherever the

hell you want it to be without it going

to the next set schedule period and

negating cancelling out the temperature

that you put in there which was real

annoying when I first bought this thing

and I didn't realize I had predefined

set schedule periods in here once I read

the manual I saw it at the dome I know

ok again I get it now let me try to help

somebody else out so I hope this video

helps you well I don't know let me know

but this video should help you out is

pretty straightforward this thing is not

rocket science it's it's good so far I

had it for a good week it's a dead-on

thermostat I like it

I've been hearing complaints about

battery problems I have it we'll see

we'll see like I said it's only been a

week but my house was nice and cozy I

can't when you see what my bill looks

like though so anyway this is if I can

do it you can do it and

amateurs amateur thank you for viewing

and I hope the video was informative