How To Hit the Heavybag Like a Pro

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hey what's going on guys senior today

we're talking about how to hit the heavy

bag and look like a pro doing it

oftentimes we go to the bag and we don't

know what punches to throw we don't know

how to move with the bag so I'm gonna

give you guys a bunch of combos tips and

strategies so that the next time you hit

the heavy bag you look like a seasoned

veteran let's take a look

don't be that guy I'm gonna give you

some tips to help you avoid becoming

that guy at the gym so first things

first have a goal set an intention and

have a timer set so you know how long

you're gonna work for a good one to

follow is just three minute rounds with

a one-minute rest and you do that for

five rounds straight so this where

you're working for 15 minutes you got

five minutes of recovery it's gonna be a

total twenty minute heavy bag workout

but you can increase it or decrease that

to whatever you'd like it could be a two

minute round three minute round five

minute round you can lengthen or shorten

the rest period you can go for as many

rounds as you'd like it could be five

ten twelve championship round but now

that you have your timer set now let's

talk about how to work with the bag now

I often see people standing in front of

the baggages doing this stationary not

moving you're only working after your

body you're only working the upper body

we got to move our legs we're gonna work

the calves we're gonna create angles use

your footwork but because of the setup

in most gyms the bags usually right

against the wall and there's a line of

heavy bags next to you so it's hard that

restricts you from actually creating

angles but you have to just like in a

fight you have to move with the bag so

let's talk about how to do that first

thing you're gonna do is before you even

throw your first punch make sure you're

outside of punching range so I can hit

the back from here I'm gonna take half a

step back this is gonna force me to step

in this is gonna force me to move my

feet this is how I'd like to start in

fact my first couple of punches don't

even land on the back I like to think of

it as me finding my range so from here

I'm on the outside and this is when I

start duking my head and I started using

my fates and things and that's my first

tip they start faking punches thrown

half a punch just kind of lift your arm

up and get them to react because when I

look at a heavy bag I'm not seeing a

heavy bag

imagine it's a person an opponent

standing here like this so I'm doing

this and trying to evoke some sort of

reaction out I'm trying to fake these

shots I'm moving my head I'm a moving

target and then when I see the opening

that's when I commit to my first shot

and notice that wasn't even a punch to

that that was to the body so that's my

second tip is don't just head hunt go to

the head go to the body switch the

levels up you're working in kicks it's

the same thing though there's kicks to

the legs to the body to the head mix it

up alright now when you're throwing

these punches don't over concern

yourself with power right let me show

you the beginning you don't want to just

throw these big huge heavy punches but

you do want to punch with efficiency so

that's the word I want you to remember

punch with a hundred percent efficiency

but it doesn't have to be power right I

can throw a shot like that not my most

powerful punch but that's gonna do

damage it's gonna land because it's a

little bit quicker it's less telegraphed

and that's where you want to keep in

mind so always keep good form what is

good form

well that's what we teach in every

single fight to this video but an

abbreviated version would be when you

throw a punch the opposite end hand has

to stay high has to be glued to your

cheek so when I throw a left punch for

my break my right hand is up I throw a

right punch my left hand is on if it's a

hook if it's a body shot it doesn't

matter the opposite hand is always upper

that's a very common mistake especially

when we start to focus on power that we

do this no good got to keep this hand up

because we're gonna get hit and it looks

sloppy okay so let's go for some combos

that we can do jab cross hook very

common one one two three now we throw

this combo couple times alright but

again I'm stationary I'm standing still

so let's get the feet moving

a good rule of thumb is move in the

direction that you just finished your

last punch so I throw one two a three

the lead hook it's a left punch so now

I'm gonna step to my left create an

angle okay and then I reset here one two

three step to the left if it's a one two

I finished with the right hand I'm gonna

step to the right boom okay so we can

start to create these angles by either

just stepping and turning pivoting or we

can actually spring out both feet to the

ground boom then we got another one so

also spring out to the left so again

step and pivot or you can spring and

really hop off and you'll notice that

because the bag

starts to swing search to give you some

direction of where to go right it's

swinging into me well I need to move

either left or right we're back where I

can time it to when it's coming in with

one of my shots and the next sort of

steadies the back alright but if you're

on a freestanding bag one that isn't

swinging like this and you like Shane I

don't have any direction because the

things not swinging you still could move

around a freestanding back one with a

water base at the bottom absolutely the

thing may be staying still but you don't

have to so create those angles move

around the bag keep good form have the

timer set and then start to work in your

defense so the commas that we talked

about we're just the one - alright I

finished with that then I can either

step to the side and stop that you know

their counter punch or I can block one -

let's say they throw the same combo back

a 1/2 of them I'm gonna pair it and

block so now I'm starting to work some

defense here or maybe I'm moving my head

to obeyed those punches that are coming

in I throw a jab cross be throwing a jab

cross no moving now I got a counter slip

slip slip slip the other combo was a

1-2-3 jab cross hook jab cross look

let's say he throws a hook back well

then I need to move my head and get

underneath or 1 2 3 and then I block a

block back with that comes back and then

I want to count it so I'm not a punching

bag he counters me I countered him so 1

2 3 block and then I throw another free

punches back most of the time people are

gonna just go left right left right left

right but their punches mad right so if

you're just beginning that's a great way

to just keep the hips going keep the

punches flowing and then you can work in

your defense in there - so I throw the

left punch I block with the right hand I

come back to the left right left right

block up here punch now I gotta work

some movement I'm working in the defense

now I want to work some of my fakes and

things I'm gonna go to the head and go

to the body I want to move with the bag

it's telling me where to go

working my knees I can mark in my face

creating angles working your defense

working your range moving forward back

side to side pivoting give you guys just

a couple of combos there but if you're

looking for more I upload a new combo

every week on my instagram at shane

phase and so check that out and guys

like anything else it's like an

instrument right when you first do it

you're going to be terrible at it but if

you stick with it you continue to learn

and continue to practice you will get

better at it alright guys there you have

it so if you're just trying to sweat

then okay maybe you can just plant your

feet into the ground and throw a million

punches until you can't lift your arms

up but if you want to make it realistic

to a fight and you want it to look sexy

they need to work your distance your

timing your angles your footwork your

defense make it a full body workout

using the strategies talked about in

this video guys don't forget to

subscribe to get the fights before your

opponent does until then i'm shane with

fighttips for the underdogs