How To Heat Press A T-Shirt 101 ~ Easy Tutorial

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hey guys if you're interested in making

t-shirts you've come to the right place

I'm going to do a little t-shirt

one-on-one with you about how to heat

press a t-shirt stay tuned

first I just want to show you my t-shirt

this is my what Condon queen t-shirt

that I made I got a lot of compliments

on it so I'm going to teach you how to

heat press t-shirts I'm going to do a

couple of videos a little later on about

how to you know print out a design how

to make your design on silhouette and

you know teach you a little bit so that

you won't have such a hard time like I

did in the beginning okay guys we are in

the basement this is where I have my

heat press machine I don't have an

office space for this because there's

just nowhere in the house for it we

don't have an extra bedroom that no

one's using so you have to put it where

you can so anyway this is in my basement

I just have a little corner my basement

this is actually like a little window

kind of thing in my basement near my

storage so this is where I stuck it for

now we're not finished with our basement

so this is a little station I have a

power heat press and you can go to WWE

he trusts calm or I got minds off of

Amazon and I'll put the price and

everything below so anyway here it is

and over here we don't have lights over

here but this is the power button and as

you can see the cord is coming out of

the back you want to put your heat press

near and outlet because this cord is

this short and I'm just gonna go ahead

and plug it up here

you don't want to put it on an extension

cord you don't want to attach your court

to an extension cord so it needs to be

near an outlet and it's gonna tell you

what bolts and all that stuff you know

that you need when the power press comes

so this is the little book that came

with mine and it's real simple it's

really thin okay so I use the book and

then also I use some tutorials but

anyway you're gonna go ahead and flip

the switch on and you want it set to 315

as you might have just seen that's what

I have mine set on right now it is at 66

degrees and it has to heat up so you

have to wait for it to heat up and I

have mine set to a 16 second heat press

and here are the buttons down here for

your temperature settings I hope you can

see that temperature settings and your

time you're gonna click the tip button

first and you're going to see the little

arrow on the left hand side and I'm

sorry I can't point to it right now

because I'm holding down the heat press

with one hand they're filming with the

other so you're gonna tap that first

button it says temp that's temperature

and you're going to then go ahead and

click start clicking on the up arrow and

you will take it to where you want it

sets you so if you want to set on 300

you know it might when you first turn it

on for the first time it might be on you

know 15 to 0 to 15 degrees so you're

going to click that button all the way

up until it says 300 or 315 degrees

whatever you need it to be you're going

to click it until it reaches until it

says that number and then for the time

you want to do the same I'm gonna click

the time button and you're going to then

go over one where you see the arrow up

button right

there and you're gonna click it up until

it says 16 seconds or however many

seconds you need your garment pressed

for so most of my t-shirts are 100%

cotton so what I do that's the setting

that was recommended 315 degrees for 16

seconds so that's what I have mines and

preset on it stays on that for the most

part okay and this pressure knob mines

kind of came already preset I really

didn't have to do a lot to it the

pressure is the amount of I wouldn't say

weight but the amount of pressure that

you want your shirts pressed at so that

the letters are the vinyl sticks so to

increase your pressure you're going to

do it clockwise to decrease the put the

pressure you're gonna do it counter

clock the heat press is heating up to

the temperature it needs to be you're

going to position your t-shirt on the

heat press and it's warm down here but

this up here is what's hot that's the

actual iron so you want to be careful

with your hands and everything but you

see where that nabhi is back there

that's the center that's where I use my

gauge for I don't measure and all of

that stuff I've always been pretty good

with you know just iron things and they

come out well so you want to make sure

the center of the t-shirt which this

time I'm making a v-neck and this is the

first time I'm doing a v-neck so you

want to make sure that V is in the

center with that retina and make sure

that on the sides you have the same

amount just kind of eye it make sure the

same amount of cloth is hanging off now

when you're pressing a shirt for a round

neck you want to take about a business

card size and that's where you want to

start your first set of letters right

here since is a v-neck you know scoops

down lower we're not gonna go that far

we're gonna go like half the size of a

business card I'm sorry I'm gonna make

go like half the size of a business card

right under that V so that's about an

inch and a half

so we're gonna scoop this up so that all

the letters and I'm gonna show you in a

second what I'm talking about so that

all of the design fits on here as much

as possible so we don't have to double

press I'm going to scoot this all the

way up so we have more shirt to work

with on here as you can see I have the V

all the way to the back and right now

what I'm going to do is I'm going to go

ahead and it's not on there yet but I'm

gonna go ahead and press this for like

mmm six seconds to get the moisture out

and I'm not even going to clamp it down

that's about six seconds alright and

that way oh sorry about that way that

way you get the moisture out of the

shirt and your letters will stick

properly okay I have the vinyl here and

in another video I'm going to show you

about how to weed how to actually do a

design and then print the design and

weed the design so anyway I have

everything cut out right now since we're

just learning about pressing okay this

is sticky on this side so what you want

to do is make sure there are there's no

lint make sure that there are no little

specks of vinyl on there either because

that will press into your shirt I did

that one time

and I was able to fix it but you don't

want to do that

okay so we're gonna put this up kind of

near the V okay and Center it and then

we're gonna do the rest with all the

other letters and I'll come back and

show you what it looks like so you just

you're just kind of eyeing and measuring

if you measure you just kind of iron

make sure and everything a centered

we're gonna get the design on there

ready to press here we are with the

letters on and the little designs

there's one more design I have to put on

and that's gonna be at the bottom of the

shirt it could not fit

on to the platform so has to be pressed

again and as you can see it is centered

make sure that your shirt is straight

hanging off of there and like I said

it's equal on both sides and the middle

is where that be point is okay see my

tip of my crown is where that B is and I

can make sure everything is centered

also guys the sticky side is down so

you'll know when you come across my

other videos when I make how to you know

weed them out the sticky side is down so

that kind of keeps it from sliding and

we're gonna put a Teflon sheet over the

design and I can't do it on camera

because both hands need to do this so

basically what you're gonna do is you're

gonna cover this make sure nothing is

sliding and because you know it's the

sticky side is down it doesn't really

slide easy but you're gonna put this

over the design evenly while you heat

press it so that nothing gets scorched

or burned or anything like that and of

course now it's all set its preheated

it's 315 degrees and that is Fahrenheit

of course and we're gonna go ahead and

press Teflon placed over the design so

nothing scorches ever going to lock it

down takes a little muscle to do that

alright guys and that first press was

just for like four seconds

that's a pre press and that is so that

the letters adhere to the t-shirt but

we're going to take this plastic off

because if you don't take the plastic

off you know soon enough it gets those

you ever seen those indentations or

blocks in the shirt around the design

like squares or rectangles or whatever

around your design that's because of the

that plastic has been left on so you

want to just get the vinyl adhere to the

shirt and you want to take the plastic

off and this peels away I'm going to do

the rest

all right the design is adhere to the

shirt so I'm going to go ahead and put

the teflon sheet on top and finish

pressing it as you see this is glitter

and this is glitter know the accent at

the bottom is gonna be glitter too

Teflon is back on for the second press

I'm gonna go ahead

oh shoot we'll go ahead and press okay

by the time you get the handle down to a

certain point I thinks it starts

counting so you want to hurry up and

click it in but anyway I want to let it

go two more seconds because it wasn't

really pressing when I was okay now you

just yank the handle up and it comes up

okay and there we go that is so pretty

on a purple shirt white and silver so

there we go I'm gonna put where I get my

vinyl and everything from down in the

description box okay I'm gonna go ahead

and put on the other part of the design

this is the bottom part for the design

of the shirt as you do t-shirts more and

more you're gonna come up with little

crafty designs that you do in your own

that no one else does this little trick

here I'm not going to tell you

completely but I kind of take scraps

from my mind

lines that I cut and there are always

scraps left over we have to weed out

designs and stuff so some of the scraps

I use and these are scraps actually and

I just use them and make little pretty

designs on the shirt to add a little

extra oomph and originality to my

designs so these do not have the plastic

on the back because they were weeded out

so you do have to put the Teflon on

carefully for that okay as you can see

that design is straight on there too you

can see through the paper and I am just

going to put it on there just for a few

seconds I'm sorry like 10 seconds

because I've already heated this part of

the design so I'm not going to overheat

it but I just wanted to get this stuck

to the t-shirt and now I'm gonna finish

pressing it so it's a good press on

there won't come off so I'm going to

turn the shirt around so that it's you

know may might be included in there and

that's okay but I'm gonna go ahead and

turn it around there we go turn this

shirt around my turn turn the t-shirt

around see that's that hanging down so I

just want to press the bottom like I

said may as include it and that's okay

so I'm gonna go ahead and put a press on

there and I'm not going to leave it on

for the full 15 seconds because it's

already been pressed a little bit so

give that to that I'm gonna have to give

it a pretty hard yank

and there we go

Oh nicely done and here is the t-shirt

Oh nicely done and it's all centered

looks very pretty I hope you can see it

decently I try to get a picture of it

kind of further away in a second but I'm

letting it kind of you know just cool

off it is a purple shirt with white

riding and silver glitter crown silver

glitter accents here down at the bottom

and this writing is white also so came

out very nice alright got another one to

press but thanks for watching guys and

I'll see you right back here next time

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