How To Play With Your Hatchimals

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introducing Hatcher malls they live

inside of eggs and it's up to you to

help them hatch contents each package

comes complete with one hatch mole in

egg one instruction booklet one

reference guide and two double-a lr6

batteries already inside your hatch

Ramon unboxing your Hodgenville has been

packaged in a very particular way to

ensure it's protected and safely

unboxing your hatch amol is equally

important to begin ask an adult to

carefully cut and remove the tape tabs

on the top size of the packaging then

lift the plastic top off lay the package

on its back and insert your finger into

the top hole now slowly slide the insert

and product out of the outer packaging

have an adult then cut and remove the

tape on the sides that attach the

blister to the cardboard tip the insert

upright and slide the blister with the

egg out of the carton there are two

plastic blocks at the bottom of the egg

to remove the plastic locks hold one

lock between your fingers rotate 90

degrees clockwise and pull it out repeat

this same process with the second lock

now your hatch mole will come to life

inside you'll discover one of to hatch

moles you'll see on the box you won't

know who's inside until it hatches in

egg play now that your egg is out of the

package you can begin to care for it

until it's ready to hatch inside of the

egg your hatch moles will make cute

sounds and its eyes will change color to

let you know how it's feeling there are

many ways to encourage your hatch multi

hatch let's take a look at a few holding

your egg hatch imel's need a lot of love

and care to hatch when you hold the

bottom of the egg your hatch moles eyes

will glow pink and you'll hear its

heartbeat when you see light blue eyes

and hear a shimmery shine it's cold rub

the bottom of the egg to warm it up like

this tilting your egg gently hold the

egg with both hands and slowly tilt in

either direction the more you tilt in

play the more your hatch mode will

respond at first your hatch mode will

think it's fun but do it too much and it

might get dizzy

upset tapping your egg when there are no

lights your hatch amol is listening

make sure it's quiet enough for it to

hear you tap on the egg and it will tap

right back

did you hear anything Hodgman loved his

hat back matching your rhythm here are a

few more eye color tips red eyes mean

that your hatch meal is either make them

happy again by rubbing the bottom of the

egg orange eyes mean your hatch will

need burner

help them out by gently patting the

bottom of the egg flashing orange eyes

but you know your hatch small has a case

of hiccups

gently tap my leg to help scare my way

green eyes what you know your hatch

channel isn't feeling well rub the

bottom of the egg to make a firmer or

tilt to help it these dark blue eyes

seeing your hatch mole is feeling a

little scared to help comfort your hatch

mole rub the bottom of the egg or you

can always tap on the egg to scare it

more white eyes mean that your hatch

mole is going to sleep wake it up by

rubbing or tilting yeah you can care for

your egg continuously or over time it

takes about 20 to 25 minutes of play for

your hatch mole to start hatching

hatching hatching is a

once-in-a-lifetime experience and every

hatch mole is unique when your hatch

most starts flashing rainbow eyes it

means it's ready to hatch but don't

worry it can't hatch without you here's

how to encourage them rub the bottom of

the egg and your hatch mole will start

pecking their eyes will flash while r.x

the more you rub the bottom of the egg

the more your hatch mole will contain a

tail if your hatch mole happens to fall

asleep while hatching set it down and

then pick it back up to resume hatchet

once they peck away enough of the egg

you can help them out by pulling away

pieces of the egg hatching can take up

to 30 minutes you can now remove the top

of the egg and peel away any extra

pieces of shell that might be blocking

the way firmly pull out your hatch more

until you hear a click then remove the

plastic around the wings by pulling the

perforated tab and press your hatch with

belly to hear them sing happy birthday

remember each hatch is unique and now

that your hatch mole is here to stay

make sure you throw out the shell in all

its pieces baby stage your newborn hatch

mole is just a baby and needs lots of

grout and care to grow up here are a few

tips to take care of your pets wants and

needs cuddling your hatch amo' cuddle

your hatch mail by petting her head in

return her eye

we'll Turkey and chiku letting you know

she's feeling better keep cutting her

head and she will say I love you feeding

your hatch Amal feed your hatch mode by

tilting her forward she will make eating

noises but if she eats too much your

baby hatch while eyes turn orange and

she will need to be burped if she does

overeat Pat her head to make her feel

better soon enough your baby hatch MO

will let out a sigh of relief

entertaining your hatch Amal even baby

hatch most likely fun when you see

yellow eyes it means your hatch amol is

ready to play tilt your upside down and

you're here a big we continue to fund by

squeezing reticular belly and make your

hatch mahlab comforting your hatch Amal

petting your head will always make us

feel better but there are many ways to

comfort your hatch Amal for example when

your hat channel isn't feeling well and

has green eyes you can also tilt her

forward to make her sneeze or press her

belly to make her cloth there are many

ways you can care for your baby hatch

Amal refer to your instruction guide to

learn about everything she does toddler

stage your Hachem is growing up fast as

she reaches a new stage she will flash

rainbow eyes and sing happy birthday now

it's time to teach her how to walk talk

and dance

teaching your hatcher Mo's to talk to

teach your hatch Amal how to talk price

and hold her belly until her eyes turn

teal and she said her hello

now it's time to say something and

release their belly your hatch mole will

now repeat what you said teaching your

hatch mo to walk to teach your hatch

Amal to walk cycle through the menu

until her eyes changed to solid right

now top her head to get her to listen

solid white light means she is waiting

for a command clap wants to get your

hatch ready to move forward

clap twice and your hatch will spin but

be careful you might make her Disney

guru teaching your hatch animal to dance

to teach your hatch Amal how to dance

cycle through the menu until you hear

dance music and her eyes turn purple tap

her head or wait three seconds to enter

dance mode now it's time to boogie

when your hatch Amal is dancing

Pat perfect and play a drumbeat need a

break from the dancing you can also turn

your upside down and then right-side up

to pause the music to start the music

again turn her upside down and

right-side up one more time Hatchin was

loved to party

so have fun kids stage congratulations

you raised your hatch mole from a baby

to a toddler and now she's a kid she

remembers everything you've taught her

but now there are four games for you to

unlock and play to begin access and

cycle through the menu by pressing her

belly silly sounds to play silly sounds

press your hatch Ramones belly until her

eyes flash green tap her head or wait

three seconds to enter silly sounds your

hatch mole will then tap a pattern it's

your job to try and repeat the pattern

by clapping if you get ten patterns

right you win

tag to play tag cycle through the game's

menu until your hatch moles eyes are

flashing red tap her head or wait three

seconds to enter tag your hatch role

will now run around with its eyes

changing colors when their eyes turn red

tap her head to tag them if their eyes

aren't red it's a fake out you'll need

15 tags to win hatch Rimal says to play

hatch Amal says cycle through the menu

until her eyes flash blue tap her head

or wait three seconds to enter hatch MSS

now it's time to pay attention your

hatch moles eyes will flash different

colors to tell you which action to take

red beans Pat her head pink means press

her belly and blue means tilt her upside

down but watch out the longer you play

the faster the game becomes you'll need

15 correct actions to win psychic at

Ramone it's time to find out if your

hatch will knows the future to play

psychic a thermal cycle through the menu

until her eyes flash orange tap her head

or were you three seconds to enter

psychic at Ramone when the light turns

solid orange ask your hatch mole a

yes-or-no question she will respond with

yes no or maybe sound remember this is

just a game so don't take it too


now you're hatching love all grown-up

but just because she's grown into a kid

doesn't mean you can't go back to replay


uses you can reset your hatch mole and

replay both baby and toddler phases at

any time installing batteries if your

hatch emelles eyes flash red and orange

your batteries are low and need

replacing to install fresh batteries

have an adult use a screwdriver to open

the battery door remove the old

batteries and refer to the polarity

diagram as you install the new ones once

installed replace the battery door and

get ready to play on/off reset and

volume in egg to make your hatch will go

to sleep

tilt the egg upside down for eight

seconds to wake it up simply hold the

bottom of the egg until it's awake out

of egg reset to reset your hatch multi

baby have an adult turn the hatch mole

on and press and hold the small reset

button on the bottom of the hatch mode

for two seconds you can use a pin or

something small to do so out of egg half

volume if your hatch amol feels a little

too loud you can adjust to half volume

first turn off your hatch Amal now press

and hold the belly while you move the

on/off switch to the on position your

hatch bowl will now stay at half flame

until the next time you turn it off for

more information visit