Harmony Hub Setup, the SMART Universal Remote

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in today's video I'm going to show you

how to take four remotes and combine

them all into the one to rule them all

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today we're gonna solve a big problem

that I've had for a long time is having

too many remotes in the main

entertainment room that's this room

right here over on the TV we have a

receiver set up we got that big samsung

TV we have a fire TV dongle and then we

have a Android TV and even a Wii U and

if anyone tries to use this TV they have

no idea what to do because I have way

too many remotes but we're gonna solve

that using the Logitech Harmony smart

control so this has a hub that will

allow you to control all kinds of

devices just by sending out infrared

signals to your other devices as well as

using an IR blaster and then you have

one remote that is able to control all

those devices in one so let's get it set

up and show you how it works now here in

the box of the Harmony smart control

first we have the Harmony hub then here

we have the Harmony remote and I think

you do need to put in the battery you

just pop off the bottom here and you can

place the battery in and then it also

comes with a micro USB charging cable as

well as a power cable for the harmony

hub and then it comes with a IR blaster

that has a really long cable so that you

can get to a device that it may not be

able to reach just with the hub so now

we need to plug in the Harmony hub and

wait 30 seconds for it to get powered up

and then we're gonna go head into the

app to get this all set up the very

first thing I'm going to do is go

through and take a picture of all the

components that I'm going to be

connecting today just so that I have

them on record and I don't have to keep

going back and forth here on the back

you have a pair reset button the USB

port and then two IR blaster ports one

tip I have on making sure your

entertainment center is working properly

is to have clean cable management it is

vital to having the best entertainment

experience possible so here I'm going to

place the IR blaster in front of my

receiver because there is a barrier


these different cabinet slots and then

I'm just gonna plug in the harmony hub

and it will sit right here and it's

mainly going to be controlling the

blu-ray player in here and I guess it

will control the Samsung TV as well now

that we have the harmony hub plugged in

it is flashing a red light on the front

and we're gonna go into the Harmony app

so make sure that you're connected to

your Wi-Fi just to make sure

everything's gonna work well and then

here we're going to open harmony and

then here it says setup a new hub so

we're gonna select that it doesn't need

to know your home's location and then

here it will run you through step by

step what you need to do so there it's

scan my networks here it found my 2.4

gigahertz Network then I need to enter

the password now it will go through the

process of connecting the hub directly

to my Wi-Fi so that I don't need to have

my phone nearby to be able to control it

and now you will need to create an

account with Logitech so I'm just going

to set one up here and then here I

received a software update just took a

few minutes to complete alright it has

finished updating the remote so now

we're going to get to know a few things

so here we can learn more about the

remote it uses RF signals to be able to

send things to the hubs so it will work

through cabinet doors and other

obstacles so here we learn a little bit

more about the Harmony hub it uses IR to

control devices and we'll also use

Bluetooth to control like your

Playstation or your Nintendo Wii and PC

and computers and then here it talks

about some of the best places you might

want to put the hub for the best

experience so here we have the IR mini

blaster so you connect this to the back

of the device and then it is able to

control another IR device which the hub

cannot reach and then just like I did

with my receiver I moved it on to the

other side of the cabinet so it could be

reached alright next we're going to go

to the next setup so I don't already own

a Harmony remote you could transfer what

you've already set up but here I'm going

to select set up new and then we can

also add certain devices that we already

have in our home that are connected to

our accounts right to the harmony hub so

that you can control them as well so on

my network could also found my life ex

bulbs my amazon firetv chromecast

as well as Nexus player the chromecast

is a different room as well the lifx so

we're not going to control those here

we're just going to select those two and

select next

here it added those devices and if I

want to add anymore I would just select

add device and here we're going to add

an entertainment device and we're going

to add the TV once the TV was done I

then went in and added my blu-ray player

the receiver and I was able to even add

my Wii U so first I'm going to go

through and add all of the entertainment

devices and then I'm gonna go through

and add any of the extra home control

devices that I want you could add your

Philips hue your nest thermostat smart

things all of these different products

here you can also add your computer if

you want Windows Mac and other and then

you could just scan for Wi-Fi devices

like it did at the beginning so I think

I've added pretty much everything I want

to control right now so I'm going to go

back and we've added everything that I

have set up here on this TV and then I'm

just going to select next so here it

says you may need to reposition your hub

and mini blasters to ensure they reach

all your I art connected devices and

then here it mentions if you have the

hub inside a cabinet like we do here you

may want to position the IR blaster

outside so that it could control those

devices so now I'm going to go through

and make sure all the components work so

here if I press receiver off it turned

off turn back on here let's try the

Samsung blu-ray player you need to press

on and there it turned on and it

actually turned on the TV at the same

time and now here let's try the Samsung

TV turning it off and there it turned

off so everything is working properly I

don't need to go through the fix setup

so here we're going to create a watch

activity so let's say I want to watch

blu-ray it would automatically turn on

all the components that need or I want

to watch the fire TV it will do all that

so the first activity I'm going to

create is let's say we want to watch

Amazon fire TV so I'm going to set up

where it has the TV fire TV and the

receiver so now says make sure that your

fire TV is turned on and we're going to

go through it says that it's powering on

the Samsung TV fire TV and the onkyo


so all my devices are currently on and

then we want to make sure that we change

the correct input on the TV so here on

the TV we are currently on HDMI input

one you can see it says it up there on

the TV and then here on the receiver we

are going to go to aux and we go done

are you able to hear and see the TV yes

alright let's test it out so there my TV

turned on went to the correct input my

receiver turned on as well and is on the

right input so yes it worked correctly

so now we could add some of our favorite

channels but we're just going to skip

that for now we don't typically actually

watch over-the-air TV on here so now I'm

going to go through and add my Nexus

player so before you do this you may

want to go through and double check what

inputs and what devices are connected to

each other okay so that is the correct

HDMI go through a select an input on the

receiver all of my inputs are actually

aux because it's just coming right out

of the TV through an optical cable into

the receiver select next and now we're

going to test it out alright so here

asks if we hear sound we could play that

test the sound and now it's actually

going to pair the Harmony remote with

our actual Nexus player so that I could

control my Android TV right from the

remote so then I'm going to long press

the bottom of my Nexus player so

depending on what device you have it may

be different but the harmony hub has

been programmed to know all of these

different things so here I'm going to

say harmony Nexus player controller so

I'm going to select ok with my original

remote and then over here on my phone it

says that the harmony hub is now

successfully paired so over here on the

TV you can see that when I'm using the

Harmony remote I can press the buttons

and just like using the original remote

everything is working pretty cool so I

went through and added my Wii U as well

as my blu-ray player to a different


so now if I want to change any of these

I can go back in and on the amazon

firetv I don't want to say watch TV I

want to watch a movie so we're going to

select the Amazon icon and say watch

movie done and then when you go in here

you have a bunch of different other

options so here it's already created

these sequences that it will do to turn

on and off different items and you could

also come in here and automatically set

a time where it's going to do that so so

let's say we want to create an activity

so it turns off every single day at a

certain time so let's go into the

schedule here and I'm going to go in to

start I'm going to say I will actually

start it up and then we're gonna go next

and then I'm going to do n so end is

when it would turn off the activity and

I'm gonna set the time and I'm gonna set

it to 11 o'clock at night let's just say

that maybe we forget to turn it off

there I'm going to have it turn off at

11 p.m. and then I'm gonna do that

Monday Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday

and I think that's good the weekend we

may be using it at that time so there we

go it is now schedule that so it will

automatically turn off and here I could

select a keyboard function so select the

device you want to use when the keyboard

is on for watch TV so we want to use the

keyboard for the Amazon fire TV so now

it is running through the instructions

on how we would pair our fire TV to the

harmony hub so on the TV I'm gonna go

into settings I'm going to go down here

into controllers then I'm gonna go to

other Bluetooth devices add a Bluetooth

device here it says harmony keyboard and

then you can see on the app that it is

doing its magic and pairing them

together and there it has been

successfully paired you can go next and

there we go we have all of that set up

so now I could go through and adjust any

of these that I want to I do have one

more activity let's say I do want to

actually watch TV so here we're going to

say watch Smart TV so this is just going

to control

my TV and my receiver because that's

where I play the volume all those

devices are on and then let's select the

input which would be TV now that I have

all my different activities set up I'm

going to go to the next menu here and

here it will teach you how to use the

Harmony remote to launch your different

activities so here we have the activity

launch button so up here at the top we

have three different activities and we

can set them to do a short press and a

long press so let's say when we short

press the music button it's going to

watch TV

let's change the long press to watch

blu-ray so let's have the short press be

Nexus player and then down here the long

press let's change it to the Wii U and

then here the short press would be to

watch a movie and then here we have the

long press which can be the watch Smart

TV again and you can add the same one to

multiple actions as well there's no way

to just choose a blank action so you

could have up to six total which is

pretty cool so now that we've set that

up we're going to select next and then

set up using your Harmony app is now


both the Harmony app and the remote can

now control your devices so you can

actually use the phone app or you can

use the Harmony remote right here so

your devices will now be powered off so

when I select exit it's going to

automatically turn off all those devices

and I did shut the cabinets to make sure

everything is still working now it has

completed everything we have all of our

different activities right here on the

main page if I wanted to watch a movie

I could just tap on it and it will watch

a movie and it takes me right in to the

Amazon fire TV now here on the screen we

have our options so I can scroll up and

down and go left and right so first to

try to control my Samsung TV but now

when I select this it will be the Amazon

fire remote that I'm actually

controlling so we have all the different

tabs there that we can go in and then if

we want to use our remote as well we can

do that so I can go down and I can

control everything

with this remote and there we have a

bunch of different actions there so now

if we go back we could choose a

different activity and then we can also

see all of our devices and control them

individually and then up here in the

menu we do have a bunch of different

options so we can fix anything that's

wrong we could power off watch movie so

we could turn everything off change hubs

we could set a sleep timer edit and

reset go to the Harmony setup harmony

upgrade as well as different app

settings so here we can turn on

notifications you can actually pull down

the notification tray and right here you

can jump between your different actions

so if I want to jump in and watch a

movie I just tap that I'm going to

automatically turn on the TV the

receiver and my blu-ray player all in

one auto disk lock is disabled we could

dim the screen or watching a movie or

when we're just sitting there and then

here we have haptic feedback enabled so

now let's try a few different things

over here on the remote so let's say we

wanted to watch we so if I long press

this middle button it should change the

activity in there it's notifying me on

the phone itself so now it looks like on

the Wii I can even control and go to

different settings with the Harmony

remote which is pretty cool so that's

started right up let's go to the Nexus

player just by pressing that button once

and now you'll see again on the phone it

is switching input alright and now it is

using the Nexus player and I can use

this to go through and find anything to

watch so there are a lot of different

options right on the remote you have

numbers volume control so anytime I

change the volume that's actually

changing it right on my receiver which

is really nice I have channel up and

down control okay here I have a mute

option back and then when I'm completely

done all I need to do is press the off

button up here on the top and it will

automatically turn off everything TV

receiver all of that all in one one cool

thing that I like is that anytime I can

press the volume button while I'm using

the app and there you can see that it's

changing my volume on the receiver now

one of the things you may find is that

it does not have all the functions in

here so if you need to add a specific

button to this all you need to do is go

back and then down here we want to

hit edit activities and then we will

want to go into that so we're gonna do

watch blu-ray and now down here we have

the option to customize the remote so

here I can tap to change and then here

it gives you an option of what buttons

on your harmony remote are available for

you to adjust so here down at the bottom

let's say I want to change the e key so

I'm going to press E and then here I

could assign a name to it and for this

name we're going to use the Samsung

blu-ray player and then we are going to

assign a command which here we want to

eject the disc so I'm going to select

eject and then I'm gonna hit next and

then next one more time and we are

complete on adding that so it's going to

sync the changes to my remote now on my

Harmony remote when I press E it should

eat checked the blu-ray player except I

think it's broken

and that is how I remove four remotes

from my entertainment center and control

them all by one device if you have any

further questions about the Harmony

smart control let me know in the

comments below and if you'd like to see

how to connect these devices to your

smart assistants make sure you select

the video right here thanks for watching

I'll see you on the next one