Install a Grommet (eyelet) 🛠 How to Use a Grommet Maker - BB Renos e010 Grommit

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hey everybody welcome to Burke punch

Renaud's today we're not doing rental

we're just doing a little quick one

we're gonna explain how to use a grommet

maker now the grommet maker we are gonna

put anything to our green screen every

two feet and it's gonna allow us to hang

it on the wall this puts a little metal

ring so you can put it over a nail or a

hook or something like that so I went

and bought a grommet kit and they were

absolutely zero instructions so I

figured this might be a good one to

explain how to use so the grommet kit

came with three different parts this

part here which will actually be the

hole puncher the base to hold the main

grommet and then I don't know what you

call that but it's gonna squish the two

together using a hammer and I also got a

big old bag of grommet parts the

grommets come with two pieces that's the

base and the top piece that's the final

squishing rod there this is gonna go on

there like that punch it into the base

this is a material we are going to put

the grommets into because it's really

thin green screen material just kind of

like a sheet I'm gonna be folding it

over so the grommets don't about gives

with a little extra strength first step

will be to use the punch and I'm gonna

punch a hole right through the material

have a good day Ralph then I can stick

my grommet in


there's the hole almost cut through

finish it off with some scissors table

is exactly two feet so I can use that as

my guide mark the next location for the

grommet with a hole in the material

lay down your grommet base take the

bottom of the grommet material right

over top

put your grommet top smooth side up and

grab your punch we're gonna squash it



there you go he finished Gromit now I

just have to do 90 more we can hang it

on the wall

so there you go everyone that's how to

use a grommet maker it may putting up

the green screen a lot easier check out

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we'll see you next time take care okay

we're trying to find the out the

security camera Josiah