How to Use the Grindstone in Minecraft

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the grindstone one of the new technical

blocks in Minecraft everything about it

hey guys its OMG Chad today we're

looking at the grindstone which helps

you to repair and disenchant tools how

does it work how do you make it what

does it do all that right now so here we

are inside of Minecraft and today we are

taking a look at the grindstone I have

tried for like an hour to try to find a

village that won't crash my game but

that is not true so we're back in our

super flat world right here and we're

gonna be taking a look at the weapons

Smith building that will auto-generate a

grindstone but if you yourself want to

build one it is fairly simple you will

need some wood some sticks and some

stone slabs you get a stone slabs in

1.14 by just taking normal stone and

putting it in the slab configuration if

you want smooth stone slabs you're gonna

have to make smooth stone by smelting

normal stone once you have a stone slab

you're gonna put that in the middle of

your crafting put two sticks on either

side and two planks below that and that

gives you the grindstone of course this

can be shifted down one it makes it look

a little bit more like what it is

supposed to be so that is the grindstone

it is a block that can be placed in any

of the two directions that is north

south or east west once you have it down

on the ground you can right-click it and

this is the interface you have two input

slots and one output slot so you may

remember the good old days just as if it

was yesterday or the current game where

you can take two of similar items put

them into your crafting recipe and you

get a repaired version of that out well

that is no longer the case as you can


now you must use the grindstone in order

to put those two things together now

notice that the durability on this bow

is 5 and this one is 53 added together

that should be 58 but instead you get 77

out of the out of this sort of combined

and that it was true with the previous

situation as well so we got 177 so that

should be around 180 but really it's

around 200 so you get extra durability

out of doing it this way now it just

says repair and dis enchant so what does

that mean well if you haven't have

something that has a enchantment on it

it will go through the system remove the

enchantment and you will get the

experience a little bit a little portion

of it back as you pull it through so

right now I am in at zero levels so if

we just pull this through I got one and

a tiny amount of points of levels I have

a looting three sword with me which I

was using actually you know what let's

not use that much let's get some other

things to to loot with how about that

there we go once we throw this power one

bow and we pull it out and we get

anybody amounts of levels so if you have

something that is highly enchanted so

let's do that to this bow here

so there we go so we've added I've added

infinity power and cursive vanishing on

there power three by the way so if you

throw it back through infinity and power

three will give me levels but the curse

of vanishing will stay on so this only

dissin chance

it doesn't discourage

but you can see that it gave me a whole

bunch of levels from that and also if

you do anything else like let's like

let's say power but instead of a small

level what's the maximum you can do okay

five okay five well okay you know five

level five

once you add that in there it will give

you extra out I thought I could like do

it like five hundred or something like

that but the higher the level the more

of those levels that you have on the

more more XP that you'll get out but

this is wonderful for grinders because I

know lots of people that have skeleton

grinders or zombie grinders and there's

a whole bunch of like junk enchanted

armor sitting around and if you could

pull those enchants off and get levels

from it I'm sure that a lot of people

will do that to a you can now repair all

that stuff that it doesn't have those

crummy enchantments on it and B now you

get the levels out of it so really

really really good the one thing that

would be incredible in credible is

hoppers if you could load this bad boy

up where from the top and the side it

would add it into this area and then

once it went out put it it would go to

the bottom that would be ridiculous

unfortunately that doesn't happen right

now now then I do want to mention that

the grindstone can be placed on the

floor and let me grab one on the floor

on a wall or even on a ceiling in any of

those configurations so you can have

even you can even have a grindstone

attached to a grindstone so however you

want these things to look at that is

just fine I think that this is a really

cool decoration block that could be used

for a whole bunch of other

uses other than just the look of the

grindstone I'm glad that they allowed it

to be able to be placed on walls and

that sort of thing that way you can

really do I mean can you imagine like a

motorbike like a bike that'd be way neat

and and also it doesn't matter if it's a

solid block or not so you can have it

kind of float in there which is pretty


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